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Need Help on Posting a Project? Killer Papers Project Posting Guide

September 18, 2022
KP Team

First time customer? Returning customer having trouble getting bids on a project you need done? Regardless of the reason why you’re here, if you’re reading this you’re likely doing so in an effort to gain a better understanding of everything that goes into the process of posting a project on Killer Papers. Here at Killer Papers, the user experience is crafted in such a way to allow for ease of use and clear communication; but even then, sometimes we understand that things can get difficult, especially for particularly complex projects. Not to fear! The Killer Papers Project Posting Guide was created to answer any and all questions that you might have regarding posting a project, with input from experienced KP writers.


The biggest issue I encounter when bidding on projects is a general lack of information regarding the particulars of an assignment. Understand that our bids are based upon elements like the length, subject, and number of sources needed for an assignment, so you will want to make sure you gather any available information regarding the assignment before posting. The more information you can provide for us regarding the assignment, the better. If you don’t have a good idea of what your teacher is looking for, it makes things difficult for us; so it's always better to approach the process with a good idea of what you need. You’ll find your project will get much more attention from our writers if you can provide them with all the information they need to complete the assignment. The following is a basic list of information you should seek to gather before posting an assignment, if available…

  • Length (both minimum and maximum, ideally in word count or page format)
  • Due date (if you like to have your project over ahead of time, just let us know!)
  • Number of sources needed
  • Citation format (MLA, APA, ect)
  • Spacing (double, single)
  • Subject (course name or general topic)
  • Source restrictions (scholarly journals only, database sources)
  • Rubric
  • Assignment description (ideally something directly from the professor)
  • Professor particulars (doesn’t like the use of direct quotes, ect)
  • Sample of past work from the class (if available)

Understand that in providing this information, you are not just helping us, but yourself as well! The easier a project post is to understand, the more luck you’ll have with getting bids. You should also take note of the importance of time here: the more time you can give us to work on an assignment, the better. If you post a project the day its due, don’t expect to get much attention; and if you do, be prepared to pay a higher price than you would pay normally due to the additional time crunch. At this stage with all this information gathered, you should be ready to begin crafting your post!


With all the needed information now gathered, you’re ready to head on over to KP to post your project! For those who aren’t familiar, KP employs a bid based system in order to provide our customers with the best value. Because of this, you’ll want to do what you can to make sure your project is easy to understand, as this will lead to you getting more offers from our writers! After heading on over to KillerPapers.Org, you’ll want to first make an account, and then head on over to the “Projects” page, where you should see the option to post a project. You will then have the option to choose the project type - such as an essay, a powerpoint, ect - where you will then need to come up with a title for your project!


The first thing you should do is try to come up with a descriptive, and yet concise title. Ideally you want something that gives the writer a basic idea of what you want, without providing any necessary information. Think something like “ENG 101: Pride and Prejudice - Character Study” as a good example; here the title of the project is just meant to draw in interested writers who might want to hear more about the assignment. After that, a bulk of the information the our writers will need will be put within the “description” and “attachment” sections.

Supplementary Information

Using the information you gathered as discussed within the “Pre-Post” section, you will then fill out the remaining sections in your progress description. You will even have the option of choosing a writer if you’ve found someone you enjoy working with! This section should serve as a quick reference to the writer, where a bulk of the description should fit in the following section.


In this section, you will tell our writers exactly what you need for the assignment. This can be in your own words, or a quick description you copy/pasted from your teacher; however, you should take care here in deciding what to include. Project descriptions that are several paragraphs long might be a turn off to some writers, so whenever possible, try to provide only the appropriate details here. Any other important documents or instructions can be included within the attachments, but after reading this section, your writer should be able to gain a decent understanding for what you need here. Ideally try to fit this information in a paragraph or two depending upon the length of the assignment.


Before wrapping up your post, you’ll want to make sure that you include any important documents as an attachment. This includes any handouts, rubrics or additional sources you might have been given by your teacher. If your teacher gives you a description of the assignment that is several pages long, it is best to attach that and summarize the assignment yourself in the description rather than putting the whole thing in the description. It is also important that you give a name to your attachments. Too often students will attach a series of screenshots with the name “awda1a.file.type”, usually in no discernable order, so you’ll want to make sure you name and organize your attachments if you want to increase your chances of getting a bid!

With all of this information filled in, you should be ready to start fielding bids and negotiating with a writer to figure out a price that works best for you!


After submitting your project, you should start to receive bids from our writers. Please note that this is dependent upon how soon you need the project and how busy we are, so if at all possible, try not to post a project an hour before its due in the midst of finals season; you’ll be doing both of us a favor! Your potential writer might first reach out with a clarification question, or might simply submit a bid with a short message. At this stage, you will be free to select the writer and bid that works best for you, but a word of caution: the cheapest bid might not always be the best. You might find a writer with a masters degree in a subject might charge a bit more than someone with a bachelors, so just be aware that the price is generally a reflection of the quality of work that you will receive! Once you and your writer agree on a price that works best for you, you can then continue to complete paying using one of the options available on the site. The good news: at this point, you can sit back and let your writer take care of the rest, although even then, there are a few things to consider after completing payment.


Once you have completed payment, feel free to kick back and let your writer do the heavy lifting. KillerPapers tends to charge more than some services because we only hire trustworthy writers with degrees from reputable universities with a proven track record of creating quality work. Even then however, there are just a few final points that you’ll want to keep in mind…


If this is your first time using KillerPapers, you will receive a confirmation email that you will have to complete before we can get started. The information you provide here is essential in preventing fraud and is confidential, so no need to worry! We understand that privacy is important to our customers and will continue to uphold our commitment in providing quality, discrete work for those who need it. Once you have completed confirmation where needed, you can go ahead and shoot your writer a message, and once they have confirmed that you have completed confirmation, they can get started on the assignment!

Ongoing Communication

We understand that sometimes students will need to get in touch with a writer regarding changes or additional directions from the teacher, and so as a result of this, our writers are required to check their messages at least once a day (although in practice, most normally check them much more often). With that being said, we expect our students to be in contact with our writers if they need to reach you with a question regarding the assignment, which tends to happen quite often. As a result of this, we ask that you keep an eye on your messages in case a writer needs to get ahold of you with any questions, ideally checking at least once a day. In doing so, you will help us deliver the grade you need on a given assignment! Once your writer has completed the assignment, they will send over a final copy with all of the information you listed in the description. Please note that we are happy to make any changes and tweaks to the assignment as you see fit; but also be aware that any additional work not listed in the description will require additional payment. As I’m sure you’ll understand, our writers don’t work for free! Altogether, this information should be helpful in showing you how to post a project on KillerPapers to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves!

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