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Get help with STEM assignments of any complexity from our North American tutors. We'll get it right the first time, every time. This includes virtual tutoring sessions via Zoom or step-by-step solutions to your homework sets.
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The Best STEM Experts

Not sure who to work with? These are our top 6 technical experts that have helped tons of students ace their assignments!
KP Team
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KP Writer Since:
KP Team is a group of 100% USA & Canadian college-grad writers that have been carefully vetted and hired. When you select a bid from KP Team, it means that we’ll assign a writer for you. The reason we do this is because a lot of our writers have day jobs, families, friends and busy lives just like you - They aren’t always available to put in bids and chat trying to make sales all day long. But, they’re talented, vetted, 100% USA or Canadian college grads with positive attitudes and exceptional attention to detail. If you go with KP Team, you’ll be in good hands.
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Poli Sci
Katie began working with Killer Papers in 2017, and entered into the career with a writing background that could support the diversity of projects that KP offers. Katie graduated with a Master's Degree in Biology in 2014, and minored in English Literature, and has an undergraduate specialization certificate in the Foundations of Medicine.

Completed Orders:
KP Writer Since:
Poli Sci
My core expertise lies in Research, and having been associated with KillerPapers as an academic freelancer for more than three years has made me adept at tackling projects across a broad spectrum of subjects.

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STEM Reviews

Nothing illustrates high-quality work like satisfied customers that come back time and time again. Browse through our list of reviews to see what clients have to say!
I was stuck on this insanely complex physics assignment. Reached out to Marisa and bam! Solved it like it was a piece of cake. She's the real MVP!
Props to Scott for helping with my calculus assignment. This dude is a wizard with numbers. Legit made me believe I can ace my finals!
If anyone's struggling with Engineering homework, do yourself a favor and ask for Daimon. Guy has a knack for making complex things seem simple
Stuck on a stats problem? Get Tom to help you. I don't know how he does it, but he makes stats look easy. Top-notch service, for sure.
Cassie saved the day with my Organic Chemistry assignment. She managed to simplify the complex reactions. Couldn't have done it without her!
Man, thought I was going to flunk my math assignment until I found this site. Max totally came through, made everything so easy to understand. Lifesaver!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your service use AI to generate content?

No, our custom writing service does not use AI writing tools to generate content. We use advanced plagiarism detection software to ensure that all of our papers are completely original and free from plagiarism. We take plagiarism very seriously and will never compromise on the quality and originality of our work.

How does Killer Papers work?

Killer Papers assists customers who need custom-written essays, PowerPoints, speeches and other types of projects completed. You upload the instructions for your project via our request form, our writers take a look and will offer you a price (you'll be emailed when they do), and you can accept it if you deem it fair.

All papers, speeches, PowerPoints, etc. are written from scratch based on the guidelines you provide. These essays are 100% original, but they are meant to be used for research and study purposes only. Our business does not condone plagiarism of any kind, and turning in one of our products may violate the academic code of conduct at your place of learning.

Do you have a refund policy?

YES, if you aren't happy with your project, we'll have our editor review the final document against the guidelines you provided to see if your tutor made any mistakes. If the writer completely missed something, we'll give you a free editing session or rewrite, but if that doesn't work, we'd refund you. In the event of a missed deadline, you will be given a 100% refund as long as it was not your fault.

Example: Your tutor needed several PDF's from you in order to write the project, but you did not answer before the deadline so they could not write it. That is why it is IMPORTANT to provide all materials to your tutor AND make sure you stay in touch with them throughout the writing process.

As always, feel free to check in with the admin team here if you have any concerns:

Are Killer Papers essays original?

YES. We write everything from scratch and always include a FREE works cited page with proper citations throughout. We can write in APA, MLA, Chicago and many other formats. Papers are meant to provide a model of what the perfect essay should look like, and we do not condone turning essays in for academic credit. Doing so may violate your academic code of conduct. Please see our Terms of Service for more information regarding usage of purchased essays.

Who are your experts & tutors?

Any tutor for Killer Papers is an upper-level college student or a recent college graduate of a reputable university. They have been carefully screened to guarantee satisfaction on all given projects. Killer Papers writers must be excellent writers, amazing communicators and have impeccable attention to detail.

Other writing services outsource their writing operations to foreign countries because it's cheaper and can make them more money, but the quality is always lower when you do that. Therefore, ensures that all writers are from English-speaking countries so as to produce the greatest quality projects and papers.

What grade levels do you guys do?

Our writers at Killer Papers help high school and undergraduate students. Occasionally we can handle work for graduate students as well and we also write professional content for blogs and websites.

What subjects can be covered?

Subjects our writers are able to cover vary widely and can include, but are not limited to the following:

English, Literature, Science (Bio. and Chem. majors write for us!), American History, World History, Religion, Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Film and Theater, Business, Music, Media, Art and many more!

What payment methods does Killer Papers accept?

Credit card
Debit card

Is Killer Papers legit? Do you guarantee good work?

Yes we are and yes we do. We guarantee that we'll do our absolute best to meet the provided specifications of the project you need. Other writing services like ours may be cheaper, and that's because the quality is lower. Our quality is top-tier which is why we have so many positive reviews, and unfortunately some higher prices. In life, you get what you pay for, so I'd recommend you don't be cheap when it comes to this line of work.

Remember, with Killer Papers, you get native-English-speaking, college-educated writers and a guarantee. A lot of other essay writing services are staffed by foreign writers and have numerous negative complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Go with Killer Papers and you'll have a great experience, guaranteed.

My essay requires using a book and lots of sources, is that okay?

YES. You can provide my writers with a copy of the reading, a link to it or they might even have a copy themselves. For instance, if you need a book written on The Grapes of Wrath, many of my writers have a copy of it or can just use summaries online and search for quotes with page numbers.

If your project requires the use and incorporation of specific readings, notes, etc., that's fine, too! Just provide those to them. You can attach them on your request, or you can just put them in a Google Drive or Dropbox file and share a link to them in your request.

How much does Killer Papers cost?

Killer Papers pricing varies based on the length of the project and the due date that you provide as well as a variety of other factors. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay around $25-35 per double-spaced page. All essays come with a FREE works cited page and cover page (if you need it). Those two pages do not count as a page when submitting your project requests.

Pricing for projects like PowerPoints, study guides, speeches and more can be given once you send in a request.

KP writers also have access to scholarly sources, databases and libraries where they can gather strong sources and materials for your project. There's no need to provide any sources unless you have specific ones you want my writers to use.

Can Killer Papers do my online class?

No. Killer Papers, Inc. does not offer the completion of online coursework. Under no circumstances can or will a Killer Papers tutor complete online coursework or log-in to your online coursework portal. Like Chegg and other tutoring companies, we are happy to provide step-by-step solutions to homework problems, but we do so with the intent of explaining concepts to customers.

We are happy to help with projects like essays, speeches, PowerPoints and general tutoring. We aim to provide academic assistance with the goal of helping enhance a student's knowledge and academic performance and our work is for reference use only.

Why should I pick Killer Papers over cheaper competitors?

Yes, Killer Papers is pricier than many competitors. However, we bring a level of luxury, quality, experience and social-proof to the table that no other competitor matches.

When looking at other essay services, you might see claims of "American writers with college degrees & years of experience", yet the service is charging $13/page. No American/Canadian college writer worth their salt will write quality essays for $5/page, and if a service is charging $13/page, that's all they could afford to pay the writer in order to pay expenses and make a profit.

I've got to pay my writers 2.5-4x that depending on the project. That's because all Killer Papers experts are based in the USA and Canada and have a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Those other sites are not using the same caliber of writers I am, I guarantee it. If you don't believe me, try to chat with their writers first. Many of my competitors won't even let you talk to a writer until AFTER you've paid. On, I tell every customer, "Don't pay until you've spoken with your writer and are 100% confident they can handle your project".

Plus, I've got 150k followers on Instagram, thousands on TikTok, a great YouTube channel where I interview my writers and show them writing live essays on crazy topics. I've got social-proof, my competitors do not. It's easy to make a nice website and claim you have great writers, but why do almost NONE of my competitors have any social media? Because they're not legit and they know their social pages would get flooded with angry customers.

My competitors are largely based in foreign countries and they largely use Kenyan and Indian writers. Sure, that translates to cheaper prices for you, but it also translates to writers who don't care, will put in less effort and are not as qualified to write on topics you need help with. Don't cheap out on your studies, y'all.

Does Killer Papers do admissions essays?

We're happy to provide proofreading, co-writing, editing & outlining services for admissions essays and personal statements. The same goes for scholarship essays. For more on this, email

Killer Papers does not write custom admissions, acceptance essays or anything related.