Refund Policy for

Killer Papers Refund Policy will refund projects under a few circumstances, all of which are detailed in the video to the right. I've got 6+ years of positive reviews on my IG story highlights and I'm always a DM away if you have any issues:

Please keep in mind, my writing team consists of 100% USA & Canadian college grads, but they are not mind readers and just like all humans, they are not perfect.

Therefore, it is CRITICAL that upon receiving your finished project from them, you review it carefully against the instructions provided and if something is missing/incorrect, let them know immediately.

Revision/Project Review Request

If you'd like to request a revision or review of your completed project, always FIRST tell your writer what issues you are having and try to solve it with them. 99% of the time you guys can fix it quickly between yourselves.

But if you want my editor, Courtney, to review your work, contact us here with your Order ID and clearly detail any issues you're having and we'll get in touch same-day.

Again, I've been at this since late 2016 and I am proud of my brand, but I know mistakes can sometimes happen. We are human after all (No AI writers here!), so I'm happy to assist in any way I can to ensure you have a good experience. It's my goal that you come back many times in the future and refer friends & family, so I want you to have a positive experience.