Fake Killer Papers Reviews: What You NEED To Know

My competitors are based overseas and write fake reviews in an attempt to scare off my clients!

Beware of false Killer Papers reviews online, crafted by competitors to scare you. They falsely accuse us of having foreign writers, missing deadlines or lacking quality, but NEVER provide any evidence of those claims (because they're not true). I've been successfully running Killer Papers since Dec. 2016, with plenty of positive feedback on Instagram and a 5-star SiteJabber rating. As always, DM me on Instagram with your concerns and I'll happily answer personally within 12 hours, if not sooner.

Unfortunately, there's not much legally that I can do to get rid of these fake reviews. I asked for help from several attorneys and they told me I can't get them taken down despite them being obviously false.

From my lawyer:
Since there's nothing I can do to get rid of these fake reviews (unless I want to spend tens of thousands of dollars in court), I have to confront them head on.

I hope this all makes sense and you can see KillerPapers.org is a legit service that's been in business more than six years with an owner that really cares. I hope my 5+ years of reviews on Instagram, the ability to chat personally with my writers before paying for your project and the great deal of video content can help prove the legitimacy of my service.

Watch me debunk a fake review in just a few minutes here: https://medium.com/killerpapers