Fake Killer Papers Reviews: What You NEED To Know

Seen a bad review? It's likely written by a competitor. Here's why.

Most of the negative Killer Papers reviews online are written by competitors who are aiming to scare you away from my service and into theirs. They know that this is a crazy industry where trust is hard to build, and so they try to profit off of your fear by making false claims about my business.

They falsely accuse Killer Papers of having foreign writers, missing deadlines or lacking quality, but NEVER provide any evidence of those claims (because they're not true). They criticize the writing quality, but never show the writing quality. Why? Because they either didn't actually buy anything from my business, or they did and the writing is good. If the writing is good, it doesn't benefit them to say that. Their goal is to trash my service and recommend sites that they own.

The video above has a lot of proof of this happening. For instance, one of the most annoying fake reviews online is from NoCramming.com. You'll notice they recommend EssayPro, EssayHub, EssayService & a few other sites. But if you look at all of these sites, they're all owned by Devellux, Inc. Every single one of them. Doesn't that seem a little suspicious? You can see it right on the bottom of each site.

NoCramming claims Killer Papers has "poor customer service", "questionable quality" and "zero proof of writer's credibility", among other things. These are all blatant lies!

Customer service: I am available personally on Instagram 24/7 - just shoot me a DM and we can chat. My team also responds to emails almost 24 hours a day.

Questionable quality: I've got hundreds of reviews on Instagram and other platforms, including Google. If you are concerned about quality, just chat with the writers who contact you and ask them to provide a sample work or you can just ask them to write 1 page only for a reduced bid, and if you like it (You will), you can then ask them to write the remainder for an additional fee. Worst case, you risk like $30. Also, remember I'm the only service that offers PayPal protection. None of NoCramming's recommended sites offer PayPal or Venmo like I do. We even have payment plans.

Writer quality: I cannot disclose the full names, photos or universities of my writers - they prefer to stay private given the scrutiny of this industry. Other services might put this information on their writer profiles, but they're using fake names and getting photos from sites like this-person-does-not-exist.com. They even claim many of their writers have PHDs. Guys, what PHD level writer would work for $4/page? See more below.

The best you can do is just chat with writers from my site and writers from theirs. You'll see the difference. Ask my team any questions you want during the bidding process - no purchase required to chat. Then ask the writers questions on other sites. You'll see that either you 1. Cannot talk to a writer until AFTER you pay or 2. The writers are all bidding in seconds and when you ask them questions, they respond with broken English and Grammar.

Killer Papers does not work with foreign writers. Other services do. That is why there is a price difference. If I worked with foreign writers, it would lead to lower prices but huge headaches on the daily. Services like EssayPro, EssayHub and EssayService do work with foreign writers, even if they claim they don't. They price their papers from $12/page or so. Keep in mind, the business has to pay expenses and make a profit, so only about 35% of that $12 goes to the writer. That's $4 or so per page. What American college graduate do you know that would write for $4/page? Believe me, I wish that existed, but it doesn't.

Guys, I've been successfully running Killer Papers since Dec. 2016, with plenty of positive feedback on Instagram, Google and a 5-star SiteJabber rating. DM me on Instagram with your concerns and I'll happily answer personally within 12 hours.

Unfortunately, there's not much legally that I can do to get rid of these fake reviews. I asked for help from several attorneys and they told me I can't get them taken down despite them being obviously false.

From my lawyer:
Since there's nothing I can do to get rid of these fake reviews (unless I want to spend tens of thousands of dollars in court), I have to confront them head on. I hope this all makes sense.

KillerPapers.org is a legit service that's been in business more than six years with an owner that really cares. I hope my 5+ years of reviews on Instagram, the ability to chat personally with my writers before paying for your project and the great deal of video content can help prove the legitimacy of my service.

Watch me debunk a fake review in just a few minutes here: https://medium.com/killerpapers