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Masters in English
Writing for Killer Papers since 2018
Jewels received a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts in English with a minor in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. She likes to take on projects that not only challenges her, but also showcases her grammar, research, and critical thinking skills. She likes the pressure of a time crunch, especially when writing on topics she has little knowledge of..
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International Business
Writing for Killer Papers since 2016
Marie studied international business & creative writing in undergrad and received her bachelor's in 2016. She has had a love for writing since she was young and helped her friends edit their own papers throughout high school, college, and beyond. She currently has published two novels and has 4 more in the process of being published.
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Masters in Biology
Writing for Killer Papers since 2017
Katie began working with Killer Papers in 2017, and entered into the career with a writing background that could support the diversity of projects that KP offers. Katie graduated with a Master’s Degree in Biology in 2014, and minored in English Literature, and has an undergraduate specialization certificate in the Foundations of Medicine.
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Internaional Business
Writing for Killer Papers since
Kellie graduated from one of the best colleges in the Northeast, and as a sort of shy actress, found out afterwards that being on the stage wasn't necessarily for her. However, writing about the stage totally was! English, History, Theater, Social Sciences, she's all about those.
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Creative Writing
Writing for Killer Papers since 2005
Melissa is a writer for Killer Papers and has recently acquired her Bachelors of the Fine Arts and Masters of the Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared online and in print as early as 2005 when she was a sophomore in high school.
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Writing for Killer Papers since
Tom was one of the first writers employed by KP, and has worked with more than 1000 clients in various subject areas. Quickly becoming a favorite among students, Tom credits his success as being partly due to having acquired a bachelor’s degree in Communication from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.
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Speech Reviews

Nothing illustrates highly-praised Speeches like satisfied customers that come back time and time again. Browse through our list of reviews to see what clients have to say!
I had purchased a speech from Tom that was due in 48 hours on the positives of legalizing Marijuana usage for patients dealing with different types of disorders and illneses. This man read some of the best similar speeches revolving around this topic and got me back a speech that lit me up while I was reading it. Would definitely recommend Tom for anyone that needs help with their speech!
I needed help with my High School Graduation speech and gave Courtney some key points to follow. She absolutely nailed it and said what I wanted to say, but even better. Thank you Courtney!
Cassie really helped me out with my Speech and I can't thank her enough. She managed to work well within a tight timeframe and for that she is a true life saver!
She helped me edit my speech for a Poetry assignment that I had and it was amazing. I literally would have failed the task without her. Thank you Jewels!

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