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Regardles of complexity, subject or PowerPoint length, our team will complete your presentation with flying colors! Furthermore, all of our writers use the following tools:
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  • Grammarly Premium
  • Chegg Plagiarism Checker
  • Google Scholar
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The PowerPoint Gurus

Not sure who to work with? These are our top 6 PowerPoint experts that have helped hundreds of students complete their presentations!
International Business
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Writing for Killer Papers since 2016
Marie studied international business & creative writing in undergrad and received her bachelor's in 2016. She has had a love for writing since she was young and helped her friends edit their own papers throughout high school, college, and beyond. She currently has published two novels and has 4 more in the process of being published.
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Masters in English
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Writing for Killer Papers since 2018
Courtney has worked for Killerpapers since 2018, but has been writing successful academic papers at both high school and college levels for a formidable amount of time. She holds English-based degrees at both a bachelor's and master's level, but takes the most pride in her ability to consume impressive amounts of food while binge watching Netflix.
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Hire writer
Writing for Killer Papers since
Tom was one of the first writers employed by KP, and has worked with more than 1000 clients in various subject areas. Quickly becoming a favorite among students, Tom credits his success as being partly due to having acquired a bachelor’s degree in Communication from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.
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Internaional Business
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Writing for Killer Papers since
Kellie graduated from one of the best colleges in the Northeast, and as a sort of shy actress, found out afterwards that being on the stage wasn't necessarily for her. However, writing about the stage totally was! English, History, Theater, Social Sciences, she's all about those.

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Masters in Biology
Hire writer
Writing for Killer Papers since 2017
Katie began working with Killer Papers in 2017, and entered into the career with a writing background that could support the diversity of projects that KP offers. Katie graduated with a Master’s Degree in Biology in 2014, and minored in English Literature, and has an undergraduate specialization certificate in the Foundations of Medicine.
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Dr. Z
Hire writer
Writing for Killer Papers since 2017
Z has been working with Killer Papers since January of 2017, refining his craft to provide excellent papers to students like you.He dual majored at a prestigious liberal arts institution, acquiring a bachelors of science in both cellular neurobiology and clinical psychology, before transitioning into graduate school.
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Any Subject - Any Complexity
We've handled more requests than you can imagine! We can handle any thing that you throw at us!
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You can chat with up to 4 writers at any time in case you have questions, need to make clarifications or would like to see a draft!
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PowerPoint Presentation Reviews

Nothing illustrates exceptionally-designed PowerPoints like satisfied customers that come back time and time again. Browse through our list of reviews to see what clients have to say!
I purchased a service from Tom. I had my final presentation due and he went above and beyond and gave me a beautiful and thorough presentation, met all my requirements and was super freaking nice and eager to work with me. 100% recommened and I would def use KP again :D
Thank you for making my life less stressful. I got 2 projects so far they are really good.
Cassie is quick at answering messages, and effectively communicates with her clients. This ensures she fully understands the assignment in order to complete it to the best of her ability. She not only writes well, but has great aesthetics for PowerPoint design, which is a huge help!
I don't know who has to hear this but, don't be hesitant! They are the real deal! An A is guaranteed with these guys! Impressed with all of the work they have done for me. Can't thank them enough!
Dr. Z
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Killer Papers vs Competition

Our papers usually start around $25 per page depending on the difficulty of what you request and the length of time we have to write it, and some competitors are certainly cheaper. However, we've never changed our pricing because of one thing: Quality.

Quality is directly correlated with pricing in this industry. The cheaper a paper gets, the lower quality the person behind the keyboard typing that essay.
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Our Areas of Expertise

Subjects that we can cover include but are not limited to:
Resumes/Cover Letters
Creative Writing
History & Social Studies
Religious Studies
Computer Science
Algebra I
Algebra II
Letter Writing
Annotated Bibliography
Argumentative Essay
Personal Reflection / Narrative Writing
Custom Essay
Discussion Post Help
Essay Editing / Proofreading
Literature Review
Book / Movie Report
Essay Outline
Letter Writing
PowerPoint / Slideshow
Step by Step Math / Science Solutions
Homework Help (Q&A w/ Tutor)
Coding Help
Accounting Help***