About Us

About KP, Founder & Owner of Killer Papers

Killer Papers is a Canada-based online writing & tutoring site specializing in assisting students with written projects such as essays, speeches, PowerPoints & more. I started the business in December 2016 and have been continuously growing and improving it since then. You can hear more about my journey on my podcast here: KP Speaks Podcast.

My Story

My name is KP and I'm the owner of Killer Papers. 150,000+ followers, 50+ writers and thousands of customers all owned by one dude, and run by myself and an excellent administrative assistant. I have a lot of 70-hour workweeks, but it's worth it because running this business is a dream come true for me. I work my ass off for everyone involved in Killer Papers and I ensure my writers will do the same for you. With every project request, I tell my writers the same thing: Treat every project as if it were their own.

Best of all? My team is 100% USA & Canadian college grads.
For real, each of them has graduated college from a Canadian or USA university and writes either part-time as a side gig, or full-time as their primary income.

Unlike my competitors, I DO NOT outsource my writing team to places like India & Kenya.
yes, the prices are higher than my "competition", but we make it up with the best quality in the industry.

My podcast:

How it all began

Before starting Killer Papers in 2016, I always had a desire to make it big in business. But beyond desire, I had a killer work ethic, too. I started lemonade stands, newspaper routes and the buying/selling of candy bars at school in order to make some extra cash before I could get an actual job. Once I turned 14, I heard that I could get a job at Burger King with a work permit, so I applied and I remember how excited I was to earn my first paycheck - it was something like $127 and I bought myself a bike to celebrate with it. When I turned 17, I was illegally trading stocks (You have to be 18 or have a parent do it for you) and betting on sports games during study hall in high school. I even wrote a bunch of scholarship essays and won some money that helped me pay for college. In short, I was always looking for ways to make money, partly because I so despised growing up in a family that lived paycheck-to-paycheck.

Thanks to summer college classes, internships and a few 18-credit semesters, I graduated college a year early at the age of 21. Ready to make my fortune, I left college and started working in the corporate world. I hoped to climb through the ranks quickly and start making 6-figures before I was 25, but by Day 3, I realized I wasn't cut out for a job building spreadsheets at a corporate bank. I needed freedom, I needed sales, I needed risk. I felt like I only had one life to live, and if I spent it doing something I didn't enjoy, I could already see my entire life unfolding before me. Worse more, I knew I'd have regrets. You only get one life, so chase your dreams, guys.

Through many hundreds of hours brainstorming and experimenting with business and product ideas after work and on the weekends, I finally arrived at an idea that I thought might work: Helping students with their papers. I had done it in high school and college, and I was pretty damn good at it. I used to be the kid getting his picture in the paper for winning writing contests, much to the amusement of my classmates. But after the laughs, I started having dozens of kids in my high school asking me for help with their writing projects and math homework. It was big business!

So I embarked on the journey of starting Killer Papers as a one-man team while working a day job. It was a lot of work. I was finding advertisers, having my stepdad build the first website to take in orders, making memes and of course, writing the papers. The craziest part that a lot of people find hard to believe is that I wrote over 100 essays for FREE in the early days. I knew that it would be hard to get people to trust a random, anonymous dude on the internet with something as important as their grades, so I wrote in exchange for honest reviews.

Fast forward to 2022 and I've taken the business from one writer (myself) and zero paying customers to 50+ writers and more than 25,000 registered users on the website. It took a serious grind (giving out free papers, dealing with hate and scammers, hiring headaches, wasted money, missed opportunities), but here I am still standing (sitting, actually) with a successful business that I love and a great team to support me.

When you buy with Killer Papers, you know you're working with a quality company that you can TRUST. You're working with a guy who built a company out of literally nothing, took in ZERO investor money and turned a $20 promo on Instagram into a reputable, organized corporation with thousands of positive reviews. Other writing sites outsource their writing operations to Kenya, Ukraine and other random countries where the writers don't speak or write English well nor do they have an understanding of Canadian and American culture. To them, it's about money. That's why their prices are so low - they lure you in with a low price, give you a terrible quality project and then never talk to you again. At Killer Papers, I only hire North American writers based in Canada or the United States who have demonstrated excellent writing and communication skills. They have also taken many of the same courses you've taken, and they know exactly what it takes to impress even the toughest writing critics. Plus, I tell every writer - treat each client as if it were a family member of a close friend because that's what will make them come back. Having repeat customers is the lifeblood of Killer Papers.

I know the prices are high, but so is running a business. Marketing, tutors, social media, hiring, lawyers, accounting, credit card processing fees, website development, hosting, internet, phones, technology and more all are costly pieces of running this company that explain the high prices. It blows that we charge what we do, but it also means that I hire the BEST writers & tutors in the industry. You pay for what you get in life, and when it comes to academics, you do not want to cut costs. And if the prices are too high, consider writing a rough draft of something and then we can do some proofing/editing for you!

Thanks for everything you guys do for me and the team. I appreciate you making it this far in my story, and I encourage you to send an email to admin@killerpapers.org if you have any questions. Despite what many false reviews will say about us (they trash my site with lies and then promote their own writing sites at the end of their reviews), Killer Papers is 100% legit and that's why we're still in business almost five years later. Have a good day and hit the contact form at the bottom of the page if you have questions.