Video Recording Breakdown Add-On

Want to see your writer in action via a screen recording? Purchase the Video Breakdown add-on at checkout and your writer will send you a video of them going over the essay, sources and anything you need to know, along with scanning it in our AI detection software.

Video Breakdown: What to know!

My writers are 100% USA/Canadian college graduates. They write every project from scratch and with the video breakdown add-on, you can purchase a screen recorded video overview of the final project. This includes a video wherein the writer: 
  • Overview of finished project
  • Overview of sources used
  • Important points to know
  • Scans for AI generated text to ensure 0 was used
Ge started!
Watch Tom's Video Breakdown example!
Watch Tom write an essay about a crazy topic on video!

Killer Papers vs The Competition

Our papers usually start around $25 per page depending on the difficulty of what you request and the length of time we have to write it, and some competitors are certainly cheaper. However, we've never changed our pricing because of one thing: Quality.

Quality is directly correlated with pricing in this industry. The cheaper a paper gets, the lower quality the person behind the keyboard typing that essay.
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