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January 23rd, 2024

Unemployed Professors Review: Is Unemployed Professors Legit?

Hey there! My name is Tom, and I’m work with Killer Papers, the best academic help service in the world. Recently, I decided to do a deep dive into all my competitors. New help services seem to be popping up every day, and sadly, 99% of them are complete and total scams. Unemployed Professors has been around for a long time, and honestly, I used to admire them as they were one of the only other legit help sites out there. Sadly, that has all changed, and they have become just another junk service. If you’re wondering, “Is Unemployed Professors legit,” you’re in the right place! This Unemployed Professors review will tell you everything you need to know about this service that has totally gone downhill.

TL/DR: Unemployed Professors is NOT legit! While they were a legitimate help site just a few years ago, the company appears to have been sold and is now staffed by some of the worst Ukrainian/Kenyan writing staff imaginable. They still charge premium prices, but their quality is among the worst out there. If you use them for help, you're putting yourself at risk! 

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What Is Unemployed Professors?

Unemployed Professors used to be a legit help site. They first began operations in 2011, and I’ll admit, the big boss (KP) and I once had some respect for them. They would try to employ graduate-level academics to assist students with their projects.

They used to be our only real competitor, and we felt like it was just us and Unemployed Professors who cared about helping students like you out. 

I honestly used to think that the answer to "Is Unemployed Professors legit," might have even been a yes.

BUT - to be 100% clear - this is NO LONGER the case.

Sometime around 2020, we started noticing that the quality of project proposals was going down significantly. Instead of getting solid proposals when we submit test project proposals on their site, we’d start getting jumbled messes with broken English. Their writing team seems to have been sent offshore.

This immediately leads us to believe the company was likely sold to a foreign company. After all - what American/Canadian-run company would hire "experts" who can’t even put a proper sentence together? If there's one thing I want you to take away from this Unemployed Professors review, it's a reminder of the (bad) quality they put out.

These types of services will typically plug the same crap writing team into 4-5 different sites, giving you the illusion of choice and then charging you an arm and a leg all the while.

I even had a dummy account grab a project from them recently, which was atrocious and terrible. I’ll show you what that looks like here in a bit, putting to rest the whole "is Unemployed Professors legit," question.

For now, let’s talk about their website.

Unemployed Professors Review: Their Website

To give a fair and balanced Unemployed Professors Review and honestly answer the question of “Is Unemployed Professors legit,” I’ll have to assess their website honestly.

Honestly, it’s not bad (but remember, this is just their website).

The prior owners of Unemployed Professors knew what they were doing. They made a convincing backstory, wrote good text on the site, and once had legit people working for them.

While I think their bidding system looks pretty bad and low-budget, I’m nitpicking. 

Sadly, those days are gone, and it’s evident that Unemployed Professors have more or less now been taken over by foreigners who can barely speak passable English, let alone produce a good project.

The rest of this Unemployed Professors review will show you what I mean...

Is Unemployed Professors Legit: Foreign Writing Staff

I know it’s probably a tall statement to claim that Unemployed Professors are now staffed almost entirely by poor Kenyan/Ukrainian "experts" who lack solid writing skills.

BUT - I can prove this is the case and give you a final answer to the whole "Is Unemployed Professors legit," question.

First, a quick Google Search reveals that people are selling accounts for Unemployed Professors on Kenyan websites.

Yes, that’s right, there’s a whole system for people to purchase an account on Unemployed Professors fraudulently, and they seem to be doing NOTHING about it.

The advert below highlights that this account is even “linked to a Kenyan bank account,” so the Kenyan freelancers who purchase it can easily withdraw their ill-gotten money.

Now, you might be asking yourself: “WTF? Why Kenya and why does that matter?”

Here’s a quick business lesson: companies will hire people in poor countries because they don’t have to pay them more than a few bucks per hour. They save a ton of money by hiring foreigners while charging you the same (high) prices.

This increases what is known as their “margin” and is a great way to become rich quick. 

You can probably understand why hiring foreigners might be good for profits BUT is generally pretty terrible for your results.

Have you ever been on a support phone call with someone from India?

While they might be a nice person who is trying hard to help you, the fact is that you probably had a hard time communicating with them, and it’s probably clear that English is their second language.

They’ll say things like, “It gives me great pleasure to serve you!” or, “Thank you, sir.”

Do you know anybody who talks like that? Me either…

Unemployed Professors Review: Quality Gone Down The Drain

Push came to shove here, and I had to see what these guys were up to. 

So, I went ahead and ordered a project from Unemployed Professors.

I chose a reasonably priced bid, roughly $30 per page, from a contractor with a decent-looking introduction message without too many errors. I wanted to get something that showed them in an okay light so my review was balanced and not just dogging them the entire time.

Unfortunately, what I got back was far lower in quality than anything I’d ever put out myself, and it would almost certainly land you with a D- in any respectable class. 

I’ll show you an excerpt here.

Please read this and tell me if it sounds like an 16-year-old wrote this.

So, is Unemployed Professors legit? I think you know the answer.

And, keep in mind, this was $120. Unemployed Professors had 0 problem taking my hard-earned money from me and delivering me something that is honestly terrible in exchange.

Don’t waste your money with these guys.

Conclusion: Should You Use Unemployed Professors?

If you’re wondering, “Is Unemployed Professors legit,” the answer is clear…

You should NOT use Unemployed Professors. Here’s why…

  • They charge extremely high prices for terrible, foreign-penned projects farmed out to a team of workers in Kenya and Ukraine.
  • While they might have been a legit website at one point, they’ve likely been sold to another company that does NOT have the same care that their founders put into it.
  • They have no clear refund policy for when you’re horrified at the project on which you’ve just spent hundreds. You’ll likely be stuck holding the bag on something that will send your grades into the toilet.

So, there you have it. 

If you want to work with a team of legit experts who genuinely care about your grades, hit us up here at Killer Papers.

We are the absolute best academic writing service on the planet and the only team that only employs Native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about you and the results we get you. Best of all, you know you’re getting a tutor who gets you. If you want to learn more about our writers, you can check out our profiles on the website, and even watch me crank out a paper live on camera!

Alright, guys, that’s it from me. I hope you learned something from reading this Unemployed Professors review.

Like I said, my name is Tom, and I’m here to help you with any project that comes across your desk this year.

I hope to work with you soon!


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