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January 23rd, 2024

StudyBay Review (2024): Is StudyBay Legit?

Hey there, my name is Tom. I’ve been professionally writing and editing for over five years now here at Killer Papers. As this profession has more or less become my entire life, I decided to scope out all of my competition recently. StudyBay is a service that crossed my path recently, as some of my customers told me they offer cheaper prices than we do here at Killer Papers. So, naturally, I decided to do an in-depth StudyBay review to find an answer to the question, "is Studybay legit?"

And, as it turns out, there are several reasons why StudyBay is cheaper than other services…none of which are particularly good.

While it never hurts to reach out to someone for help, sites like StudyBay claim to offer help, but (sadly for their customers), that help that comes at a steep cost.

TL/DR: StudyBay, unfortunately, is NOT legit at all. The quality of their work is extremely low, so you get a poorly written project while also paying a premium. If you want to work with a legit team that cares about you and the results you get, go ahead and submit a project request on Killer Papers!

🎁 Bonus Tip: Use the discount code KPFOREVER for 10% off your next project! Consider it my little gift to you for reading this review that I worked so hard on. Just type it in at checkout, and we're all set to start your success story. Let's make it happen!

Is StudyBay Legit: Reviewing Their Website

It StudyBay legit? We reviewed their website!

Step one in my StudyBay review adventure was to grab a project off their site. Their site does look good; I will admit that. It’s got a very modern feel and loads quickly. Using the form was pretty easy, but once I clicked submit, I was disappointed.

I assumed that waiting for contractors to contact me and offer their services would take a little while. However, I was soon flooded with bland and robotic responses. It was like everything was automated, which was a little creepy. 

In 2 minutes, I had over 40 bids

Is StudyBay legit? Well, this really makes me start to think no.

That would have been fine if the messages were all well-written, but the intro messages were filled with basic spelling and grammar errors.

How can I trust my project, which requires complex reasoning and quality sources, to a company staffed by people who can’t even spell correctly

We could have been off to a better start, TBH.

A custom chat window with a fake representative from StudyBay.

The messages also seemed both automated and desperate. This left me wondering if a real person was actually reviewing my project request and if a human being would do my project.

So, is StudyBay legit? Probably not, but let's dive in a bit further.

StudyBay Review: Who Are Their Staff?

My suspicions about StudyBay’s staff had been roused by the rather dismal language skills I had run into. As such, I decided that this StudyBay review needed to look into the writing team. A quick reverse Google image search revealed that their top contractor was using someone else’s profile picture from LinkedIn.

Another fake profile on StudyBay.

This was a clear indication to me that StudyBay’s employees are deceiving you.

While the site does not claim to only use people from the US and Canada, I’m pretty sure their claim that they “verify the identity of each candidate via social media” isn’t the whole truth.

There’s also the fact that, according to LinkedIn data, the vast majority of StudyBay’s contractors come from Kenya!

Not to knock Kenya (I’ve heard they have great food there!), but if I were a student, I’d rather trust my project to someone whose first language is English and comes from a similar cultural context.

A little research also revealed that Kenyan "experts" are often paid almost nothing to work for companies like this. Many of these services pay their employees in developing nations as little as $1 an hour

That's honestly why Killer Papers is a better choice. Our business is based Canada and only hires US and Canadian college grads as their tutors and editors. This ensures that your goals and expectations are met to the highest standards, that workers are being incentivized to deliver great work to you, and that this whole process goes smoothly. 

It also means they get where you’re coming from because they’ve had similar experiences. And they’re fairly compensated for their work. Best of all, I know I can reach the company owner via DM on Instagram 24/7.

StudyBay Review: Social Media & Customer Support

My StudyBay review included a look at their social media. 

It’s 2024, so I was a bit taken aback by StudyBay’s limited social media presence.

They’ve got profiles on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, but they're really not active at all.

Why does StudyBay have so few followers?

Comments on their posts also point to how inefficient or ineffective their customer support is.

Many StudyBay clients are very dissatisfied.
Yet another dissatisfied StudyBay client.

Now, I get that a disgruntled customer is going to leave a negative comment, especially when their money is on the line. But, the comment sections on some of StudyBay’s social media posts left a bad taste in my mouth.

Alas, it's pretty much a no-brainer as to why I'd answer "no" to the question of "is Studybay legit?"

The responses to people’s complaints felt a little like automated responses. I also didn’t get a sense that there was much authentic engagement with their social media posts. Sending them a DM on Instagram got me a robot response as well.

StudyBay’s reviews on SiteJabber and the social media comments above show justhow bad StudyBay’s customer support is. People consistently complain about not receiving responses to their queries or having to deal with a chatbot instead of a human.

Things are different over here at Killer Papers.

I know I can always reach out to KP, the owner, via a DM on Instagram. I honestly don’t think he sleeps because when I talk to him (which is usually about twice a week), he’s always awake at the craziest hours, helping out customers with everything.

Killer Papers’ social media pages also promote a strong sense of community. I always feel like I’m a part of a crowd of like-minded folks whenever I look at the funny memes we post or see how dedicated our fanbase is.

StudyBay Review: Pricing

The last step of reviewing StudyBay was to look at their pricing. 

At $20-25 for a double-spaced page, they’re charging about the same as Killer Papers.

However, considering that most of their "experts" are from Kenya, where there's a history of people being paid pennies on the dollar, I doubt their people are paid even half that cost per page. 

In reality, your project is going to be done by an underpaid kid from Africa who has probably never set foot on an American campus. If you're wondering, "is StudyBay legit," this fact alone should clear up any conclusion.

That’s a lot to pay for something you might not even be able to use from someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language. 

Killer Papers charges around $26 as a base rate, with the price increasing depending on the timeframe and difficulty. But, even if that’s a bit out of your budget, we also offer payment plans through PayPal and are always posting discount codes on Instagram.

Best of all, you know you’re getting a tutor who gets you. If you want to learn more about our writers, you can check out our profiles on the website, and even watch me crank out a project live on camera!

StudyBay Review - Is StudyBay Legit: NO!

While StudyBay does have a pretty website, that’s about all it has going for itself. 

The "experts" profile pics are either taken from real peoples’ social media pages or are stock images. The “experts” who contacted me wrote responses riddled with basic spelling and grammar mistakes.

They’re charging a TON for a company that primarily employs people living in developing nations and will almost surely send your results into the dumpster.

Not gonna lie, $25 is a lot when I’m sure their staff aren’t being paid half of that. It doesn’t sit well with me that they might be exploiting their staff and getting a crap product in the end. 

I hope this review of StudyBay’s website, quality, and pricing helps you make an informed decision. I honestly would not recommend them to anyone. This should answer the question, "is StudyBay legit." Because the answer is a resounding NO!

If you do find that you need help with an project, PowerPoint, discussion post, or any other academic writing, hit us up over at Killer Papers instead!

Well, guys, that’s all from me. I hope to work with you soon.

As a reminder, you can request to work with me on the site if you like what you've read from me here today.

See you soon!

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My Review of StudyBay: A Quick Video Breakdown

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