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SpeedyPaper Review: Is SpeedyPaper Legit?

Killer Papers vs. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper sucks! They send out poorly written, overpriced projects full of grammar and syntax errors.

SpeedPaper employs deceptive pricing strategies by charging extra for native English speakers, while Killer Papers offers transparent and fair pricing. They're also revealed to use fake profiles with phony credentials, in contrast to Killer Papers' team of genuine North American college graduates.

If you use SpeedyPaper: Your grades are at risk!

If you want to work with a trustworthy service, check out Killer Papers. Our team is made up of reliable, native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about your success.
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January 23rd, 2024

SpeedyPaper Reviews (2024): 
Is SpeedyPaper Legit?

Hey there, my name is Tom. I’m a member of the 100% North American and Canadian tutors and editors at Killer Papers, a Canadian academic-help platform. I was recently asked to write some SpeedyPaper reviews, as one of my customers asked me if they were another legit service. The questions I came across most often while doing my research all had to do with SpeedyPaper prices, so I thought I’d do a little digging into what you’d be paying for if you used their services. If you're wondering "is SpeedyPaper legit," then you're in the right place!

TL/DR: SpeedyPaper is a junk service! Their prices are super high, you don’t get to choose who you work with, and their reputation is totally sus. If you choose SpeedyPaper (and their low prices), you are at serious risk! On the flip side, if you want to work with a quality team, hit us up over here at Killer Papers. We are the best academic writing service in the world, have thousands of positive reviews, and are available 24/7 to help you! 

🎁 Bonus Tip: Use the discount code KPFOREVER for 10% off your next project! Consider it my little gift to you for reading this review that I worked so hard on. Just type it in at checkout, and we're all set to start your success story. Let's make it happen!

SpeedyPaper Reviews: Website

The first step in writing SpeedyPaper reviews was to head over to their website to see what they were offering. 

The website has a clean, functional design, which is nice.

BUT - the annoying “support” chat pop-up that comes up every 5 minutes would have been enough to make me leave if I wasn’t trying to find more info on SpeedyPaper prices for this review.

I also noticed some strange language use as well (we'll get more into this later).

SpeedyPaper: their homepage and price calculator.

This all made me wonder about the quality of their experts.

SpeedyPaper: Process & How They Work

SpeedyPaper’s process seems simple enough. You get an automatic price quote based on some information you punch in on a calculator.

My only issue is that there is no information about their experts available anywhere.

AND - you cannot speak to them before paying!

Being able to chat with a experts is an essential part of the process, but SpeedyPaper doesn't seem to get that! 

Killer Papers, on the other hand, allows you to speak to tutors before you pay.

You can ask as many questions as you would like, and make sure you’re choosing the best possible tutor.

In fact, we won't take a dollar from you until you're 100% confident we're the service you need! And that's why we are very open about who works with us.

SpeedyPaper Reviews: Hiding Their Team

On SpeedyPaper, you cannot choose your expert. Further, there is no indication of where the experts are from. The only indication is that they have native speakers (ENL) and second language (ESL) experts.

I clicked on every single link and could not find any expert profiles ANYWHERE!

How does SpeedyPaper find their writers?

When crafting the perfect piece, you need native-level English speakers. This is why Killer Papers only works with Canadian and US college grads. 

The fact that I could not find any info on their experts and the mention of ESL experts definitely means they are using foreign experts. This means that they’re most likely underpaid.

They claim their experts are paid no less than $8, but there’s no indication if that is per page or hour. For instance, writing $8/project is an absolute pittance! 

How much do writers get paid at SpeedyPaper?

This is all not to mention the hidden costs that SpeedyPaper hides during the onboarding process.

Is SpeedyPaper Legit: Hidden Costs

While I was placing an project request for my SpeedyPaper reviews, I got to look at SpeedyPaper prices. Before I started, I saw that I could get a project for about $11 a page.

BUT - I quickly found out that I could get that price for a 20-day lead time

SpeedyPaper Review: pricing and more.

My query for three pages in 12 hours worked out to $29 per double-spaced page, but if I wanted a top expert, I’d be forking out $42 a page!

The REAL pricing of SpeedyPaper.

Worst of all, If I wanted to go for the lower price, I could potentially be working with an inexperienced expert.

So, not only would I be $87 out of pocket, there was also no guarantee that the project I would be getting would be good or usable.

Heck, $42 a page is MORE than WE charge most of the time, and we are the best in the business! 

SpeedyPaper Review: varying levels of writers.

At Killer Papers, we start prices for our work at around $26 for a double-spaced page.

While that’s a little higher than some of the SpeedyPaper prices, you get to chat with up to four tutors before you decide who to work with.

Best of all, you know you’re getting a tutor who gets you. If you want to learn more about our writers, you can check out our profiles on the website, and even watch me crank out a paper live on camera!

Is SpeedyPaper Legit: Customer Support and Social Media

The last step in researching the SpeedyPaper review was to investigate its customer support and social media. 

Like I said before, the support chat pop-up is annoying. Any time I navigated to a new page, the chat would pop up and ask if I needed help of some sort. However, when I actually clicked on the chat bubble to send a support message, I had to wait 52 minutes for a reply. 

Strange chat support with SpeedyPaper.

This lets me know that their support chat is automated, and it will take you forever to get through to a human.

Their social media is no better.

While they do have Facebook, Instagram, and X profiles, there is absolutely no engagement on any of their posts. 

SpeedyPaper's pitiful social media engagement.

On the other hand, Killer Papers has a very active social media presence and years of reviews on its Instagram page. And if you have a question, you can send KP, Killer Papers’ owner, a direct message on Instagram or chat to our support team on the website. 

Final Thoughts: Is SpeedyPaper Legit?

SpeedyPaper is NOT legit at all!

Services like this have absolutely no problem taking your money, and leaving you high and dry with a poorly written piece that will tank your grades should you try to even use a small piece of it!

If you’re looking for a legit academic-help service, I'm personally inviting you to give us a try over here at Killer Papers. Or tutors are all 100% native-level English speaking US and Canadian college grads, so you know the quality of our work is top notch.

Your transactions are protected by PayPal, as well as our fair money-back guarantee, making it absolutely 0 risk to you.

Interested in getting started? All you have to do is submit a new project request on the site, and myself or one of my team mates will get a price quote over to you ASAP! 

Alright guys, that's it from me. Like I said, my name is Tom, and I hope to be working with you soon.


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My SpeedyPaper Review: A Quick Video Breakdown

SpeedyPaper has a nice-looking website, but unfortunately, the good qualities of this service end there.
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