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Paperial Review: Value For Money, or a SCAM?!

January 23rd, 2024

Writing essays can be a chore, and as a result, many choose to outsource this type of work to websites like Paperial. Doing grunt totally work sucks, but what sucks even more is getting scammed out of your hard-earned cash and failing a class. My name is Tom, and I’m a tutor and editor here at Killer Papers, the best academic writing service in the world. Recently, I decided to see what other essay writing services were out there to size up the competition. I thought I’d start with a Paperial review after some of our users said Paperial was cheaper than the services me and my team provide. 

While some foreign-based essay services can be cheaper, at best, you’re often going to get something poorly written, overpriced, and full of basic grammar and syntax errors. At worst, you’ll get something that wouldn’t even pass as yours after a basic read-through. I figured the best way to show you this was by doing an in-depth review of Paperial and proving that even the most glowing online reviews aren’t telling you the whole truth. 

TL/DR: Paperial is NOT a good service at all! They rely on foreign tutors with fake credentials to aimlessly throw some text in a document and call it an essay. If you want to use a legit service and work with a company that truly cares about your success, head on over to Killer Papers and submit a project request.

Getting Started: My Ordering Experience

Paperial Review: Is Paperial Legit?

Step one of my Paperial review was going to their website to place an order. At first, everything seemed pretty straightforward, but (quite quickly) I learned this would be anything but a walk in the park. Like other overseas essay-writing companies, their prices seem super cheap. Yet, this is just one of the many layers of deception services like Paperial engage in.

Of course, once you start digging through the layers (and deeper into the ordering process), Paperial’s actual prices become clear. Want a native English speaker to write your paper?

That’ll cost you way more than you think. 

Side note: Thousands of reviews for Killer Papers all tell the same story: you get an excellent writer, every single time. No exceptions!

Paperial Review: Deceptive Pricing Practices

At Killer Papers, we think cheap tricks like this are no good!

Our team of 100% North America-based college graduates reviews every order on our site before a single bid is placed.

What we bid is what you’ll pay because we believe in treating our customers fairly and honestly. 

Also, unlike Paperial, our tutors actually do hold the degrees they claim to have.

Yeah, you read that right. 

Paperial’s team is made up of FAKE user profiles with PHONY pictures and phonier credentials.

The “team” over at Paperial claims to be anything from doctors with PhDs to professors.

In reality, it’s a low-cost, outsourced team based in countries like Kenya and Ukraine that output total junk.

I get that people who work for sites like this want to stay anonymous, but lying about your credentials and using a picture you stole from a Google image search is beyond even somewhat okay. 

If Paperial lies to you about something this basic, what else are they hiding?

Paperial is (like most other essay writing services) based in Eastern Europe and uses foreign tutors who will give you a paper full of basic errors, which is definitely not what you are likely aiming for when seeking help with essays.

You’ll also get wildly varying price offers from their “team” because Paperial hopes you’ll pick an offer from the middle of the road and feel like you’re getting a deal.

But (make no mistake), you’re not!

You’re getting exactly what you’re paying for: a bad paper at an even worse price. 

And - the headaches don’t end here - Paperial’s website is a complete and total joke as well. 

Navigating Around: Reviewing Paperial’s Site 

No Paperial review would be complete without a look at their website. Any savvy Internet citizen knows that a good measure of a website is how much info you can find out about the company in just a few clicks. 

With Paperial, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything. 

There’s no “About Us” page, and their “Contact Us” page lists just an email address and a phone number (plus a sneaky Polish address right at the bottom of the page). 

Is Paperial Legit: Lackluster Support

Their chat is also a total joke. 

Go ahead and chat with their "support," and you'll see what I mean! It's honestly some of the worst English I've ever seen on a support line.

Paperial Review: Poor Quality Support

This is, once again, where KP is different.

Our WHOLE team is made up entirely of US and Canadian college graduates (like me) who share your experiences, language, and culture. Don’t believe me?

We’ve got a few videos of our tutors writing papers live on their profiles. Check them out!

We also constantly invest in our site to give you the most user-friendly experience possible. You can chat with four or more tutors before paying a dime. 

And - our owner (KP) is almost always available via Instagram DM to address any of your concerns.

Paperial Review: Social Media Presence & Customer Support

Having a strong social media presence is super important these days.

So, a quick review of Paperial’s socials had me shaking my head. 

Their account is basically just for show, with just a few low-quality posts and no genuine engagement. Sending them a DM got me an automated response from a bot and no follow-up from a real human.

Paperial Social Media: Are They Legit?

This, on the other hand, is where Killer Papers shines.

Killer Papers has a crazy strong social media presence. We've got over 100,000 fans who constantly talk about how much we've helped them. You can even DM KP (the big boss) with any concerns about your order, and the big boss himself will get back to you. 

We’ve worked very hard on building our community. We’ve got over six years of reviews on our Instagram, and we’ve even worked with influencers like SteveWillDoIt. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and it shows in how many supporters we’ve managed to rack up over the years.

Paperial Pricing and Writing Quality

The final step in my Paperial review was looking at pricing and writing quality. Not to labor the point, but Paperial’s pricing is pretty atrocious. 

The three offers I got were so different, and they were all from “professors.” 

Notice how all their “experts” are PhDs?

Yeah, right.

Paperial's Fake Tutors

Everyone knows professors don’t have time to churn out papers for students.

They’ve got grading to do and classes to plan. Do you really think a professor will be moonlighting as an essay writer for just a few bucks an hour?

Using a Paperial paper not only means you’ll get a bad piece of writing, but you’ll also risk your academic standing if you try to submit it for credit. 

And - let’s talk about Paperial’s cost per page. They don’t list one.

Instead, they charge $10 per hour and estimate that one double-spaced page will be 2 hours of an “expert’s” help.

This means you'll end up paying way more than you budgeted for because your expert will likely bill you for more hours than you agreed on. 

That is not the Killer Papers way. What we bid is what you’ll pay.

At Killer Papers, we start our bids at about $26 for a double-spaced page. While this is higher than Paperial’s base price per page, you also know you can chat with your tutor to ask questions, and we offer discount codes and payment plans on PayPal. 

Most importantly, though, we work with North American college graduates exclusively

Based on the Polish address, the fake profiles, and the abysmal English skills I came across in the research for this Paperial review, it’s clear that the company uses foreign tutors to churn out poor quality papers. 

This is common in the industry, with some services paying their tutors less than $1/hour. 

There’s no possible way that someone being paid so little would take the time to make sure your paper is the best possible paper it could be. 

Paperial Review: My Final Thoughts

Look, I get it. A college workload can be overwhelming, especially if you need to balance work and a social life. But, choosing to use a sub-standard service to help you out will only hinder you in the long run. I set out to write an honest Paperial review, and I did.

I went in with low expectations and was disappointed when even those weren’t met. The hard truth is that using a site like Paperial means your paper is going to be farmed off to some kid in Ukraine or Kenya for pennies while you’re paying $25-$30 a page. 

There are not many positive things to say about Paperial. Their reviews on SiteJabber are sus, their social media is a joke, and their tutors are faker than an early 2000s spray-tan. You’re welcome to try them out and see for yourself, but trust me when I say that you will be disappointed.

You’re just going to end up out of pocket and with a paper you can’t use. If you're looking for a solid service with native English speaking experts who genuinely wish to help you, submit your project request on Killer Papers.

My colleagues and I will get back to you almost straight away, and we can talk about your project in as much detail as you want. We actually want to help you, unlike services like Paperial.

I hope this (kinda brutally!) honest Paperial review helps you make a good decision. And if you’re looking for a service that gives you exactly what you’re paying for, hit us up over here Killer Papers. The whole team is here to help you out with any project that pops up throughout your academic career.

If you like what you’ve read and want me to help you, you can also specifically request to work with me (Tom) on the site.

All I do is churn out papers for a living, crush it for my clients, and aim to make the lives of my customers easier.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be next.

I look forward to working with you soon!


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My Paperial Review: A Quick Video Breakdown

Check out this quick video review of Paperial, where I go through their site, social media and online reviews.
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