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April 12th, 2024

PaperHelp Review: Is PaperHelp Legit?

Hey there! My name is Tom, and I work with Killer Papers, the best academic help service in the world. Recently, I decided to do a deep dive into all my competitors. New websites that offer help to people like you are popping up every day, and pretty much all of them are low-quality scam sites. PaperHelp.org has been around for years, but unfortunately, they’ve been ripping people off the entire time. If you’re wondering, “Is PaperHelp.org legit?" then you’re in the right place! This PaperHelp review will tell you everything you need to know.

TL/DR: PaperHelp is NOT legit, and this PaperHelp.org review will prove it to you! They’re based in Eastern Europe, employ foreigners who can’t write to save their lives, and charge VERY high prices for the level of quality they put out.

🎁 Bonus Tip: Use the discount code KPFOREVER for 10% off your next project! Consider it my little gift to you for reading this review I worked so hard on. Just type it in at checkout, and we’re all set to start your success story. Let’s make it happen!

PaperHelp Review - What Is Paper Help?

PaperHelp is a website that claims it can help you with papers, editing, and STEM-related work. While they have a clean website and a decent enough-looking interface, the end product they put out is really, really terrible, and they’re not a legitimate service at all.

Now, they’ve hit some of the top spots on Google by investing a lot of money in search engine optimization and other clever marketing tricks that make it look like they’re the service that can help you. Sadly, when you pull back the curtain, you’ll find that they give you papers that sound like they’ve been written by a 14-year-old rather than something that’s actually worth paying for.

PaperHelp Review - Their Website

When I write these reviews, I try to be fair and give credit where it’s due.

And, to be fair, PaperHelp’s website is pretty nice. It’s very clean and responsive, and they’ve used nice colors. They spend a TON of money on stuff like this; it’s just too bad they don’t spend that same money on hiring quality experts who care about their results.

They don’t try to hide that their experts are faceless, nameless numbers on a page. Don’t believe me? Check out the section of their site dedicated to staff.

This experts has no name; it’s just an ID number. That’s super weird.

Now, if only they had run spellcheck on their website copy.

This little gem below shows just how bad the English skills of the people who run this site…

“For best results,” yeah—nice.

So, while a website like this does a decent enough job making a usable interface that you can get through pretty quickly, it's English language skills are absolutely terrible.

PaperHelp Review - A Foreign Company With Foreign Experts

This is the most essential part of this review: PaperHelp is 100% a foreign-run operation that isn’t based in the United States and doesn’t employ anyone there either.

Just check out this little gem at the bottom of their site…

You don’t have to take my word for it. This company is based in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a tiny island next to Turkey, Israel, and Jordan.

In other words, this is the part of the world that you see on the news most days for things that likely aren’t too great as far as most Americans are concerned. While Cyprus might be a cool place to visit for a vacation (if you're the adventurous type!), you don’t want to hire a company based in Cyprus to give you high-quality academic work.

Now, if you don’t believe me, that’s okay. I can prove it by showing you one of the sample papers they proudly display on their website as a sample of their “best work.”

Sadly, these people are so incredibly out of touch with what a proper collegiate paper should look like that they say a terrible, fail-worthy paper is an example that should help you choose them.

Terrible Quality - The Most Important Part of This PaperHelp Review!

Here’s a quick excerpt from a sample paper they put on their website.

This took me 3 minutes to find just by searching around their home page…

This little two-sentence phrase is supposed to be a whole paragraph.

If you know anything about college-level writing, you’ll know that every paragraph needs to be at LEAST four sentences long, with a topic sentence, supporting details, citations, and a transition. 

This is basic, high-school-level stuff.

Instead, at PaperHelp, you get this little monster. 

You’re supposed to pay $26 a page for a paragraph that includes phrases like, “The big question…”

And, better yet, we have “the answer is a big no because killing person does not solve any purpose.”

This isn’t college-level writing. This is what you write to your friend in a DM when you've had too many beers.

This is just one example. I’ll show you another too.

This paragraph starts with a glaring grammatical error. They say, “death penalty is cruel.”

Uhh, don’t you mean “the death penalty is cruel?”

On top of that, the third sentence in the paragraph is a drop quote, which means that the quote is not introduced at all. Again, this is standard, high-school-level stuff that shouldn’t be missing from a professionally written paper.

Better yet, the sentence right after that states, “The worse part” when it should be “The worst part.” 

Think about it - this service has chosen to show you this type of work as a sample.

Samples should be the best possible work that’s been proofed multiple times and checked over so that there are absolutely no errors whatsoever. 

Instead, they give you an paper that would warrant a failing score as a sample.

If that’s what a sample looks like, can you imagine what one of their finished products reads like?

Worst of all, this service charges prices almost identical to ours here at Killer Papers.

Sky High Prices - The WOST Part of This PaperHelp Review

PaperHelp lures you in with promises of low prices, but when you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that they charge upwards of $26 a page for the crap-level work you can read above.

That’s wild!

If you’re going to get low-quality work, you might as well save some money. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

Let’s say you need a standard, college-level assignment done in 3 days time. 

Well, that will cost you $26 a page.

That’s right, this PaperHelp review is here to how you that they charge just as much as the starting price here at Killer Papers. 

AND - for what? So you can get something absolutely terrible that you’ll have to redo yourself? 

That’s honestly not cool at all.

I would understand if they were charging $10 a page, but you’re paying premium-level prices here and getting garbage in return.

Let’s say you push it up to the “doctrate” level; then you’ll pay $140, which is exactly what some of our best experts at Killer Papers charge.

The big difference here, however, is that our experts are legitimate, college-educated North Americans who genuinely care about you and your results.

Guys, I can only say that this service doesn’t deserve a dime of your hard-earned money.

Is PaperHelp Legit: NO Social Media Presence?!

I am genuinely shocked by this one.

PaperHelp has such a pitiful Instagram page that it would have been better if they had not bothered creating it. It contains a bunch of tired memes and has absolutely NO ENGAGEMENT.

Even posts going back more than a year have 1 like; most have zero likes. 

No comments. Nothing. Total silence.

I’m pretty sure you know the answer to “is PaperHelp legit,” at this point…

I just don’t get it.

A company that exclusively targets students has no social media presence? It makes no sense to me at all. They have 145 followers! 

Killer Papers, on the other hand, has a huge following on social media, with constant posting and a ton of engagement.

We have reviews on Instagram that go back more than 7 years. That is how you know an paper-help service is legit, not only by checking out their reviews (which, honestly, many companies pay people to write) but by looking at their online history and social media presence.

Conclusion - Is PaperHelp Legit?

I wanted to save something positive to say about PaperHelp in this PaperHelp review. After all, their website looks great and appear to be a legitimate service on the surface.

Sadly, when asking the question, “Is PaperHelp legit,” I can confidently say that the answer is NO!

Now, if you want to work with a legit team of college-educated experts who have lived the same life as you and understand where you’re coming from as a student, head over to Killer Papers and submit a new project request.

We are the absolute best academic writing service on the planet and the only team that only employs Native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about you and the results we get you.

Best of all, you know you’re getting a tutor who gets you. If you want to learn more about our experts, you can check out our profiles on the website and even watch me crank out a paper live on camera!

Alright, guys, that’s it from me. I hope you learned something from reading this PaperHelp review.

As I said, my name is Tom, and I’m here to help you with any project across your desk this year.

I hope to work with you soon!


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