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January 23rd, 2024

Is MyPaperHelp Legit? Reviews

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when you read over an essay prompt and you understand absolutely nothing? Or, when a professor or TA brushes you off with a “we covered this in class” when you ask for help? If that sounds like you, you’re probably tempted to turn to an essay writing service like MyPaperHelp, leading you to ask, “Is MyPaperHelp Legit?” Well, in today’s review, we’re going to tell all about this low-quality essay help service.

My name is Tom, and I’ve been in your shoes a few times (and I help people like you literally every day). I’m a tutor and editor at Killer Papers, a Canada-based essay help service that only employs US and Canadian college grads. I wanted to write a reviews because I had heard their prices are pretty cheap, and a few of my customers asked me about them. However, after looking at their site, social media, and essay quality, I’ve got a lot to say about them.

TL/DR: MyPaperHelp may be cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. They’re honestly a terrible service. Your paper will be badly written and riddled with grammar errors, making it unusable, and it will likely send your grades into the gutter should you turn it in for credit. If you want to work with a service you can trust, head on over to Killer Papers and submit a project request!

Is MyPaperHelp Legit: The Ordering Process

To kick off my reviews, I placed an order on their site. The ordering process is easy, but it’s weird that you can’t get a price estimate without logging in and creating an order. Clicking on almost any button on the site leads you straight to the login page.

It seems like finding the answers to your questions involves creating an account.

Yeah, that’s a bit weird.

Many services will at least give you some idea of what you’ll be paying before they make you sign up.

Clicking on the pricing button takes me directly to a login page

Killer Papers is different.

You can get a quote right on the homepage. Yeah, it’s only an estimate, but you can decide if you want to work with us (and I recommend you do!) before creating an account. And once you place an order, you won’t be flooded with offers from bots.

You’ll only get legit price offers from REAL tutors who genuinely want to help you.

Believe me when I tell you I was overwhelmed by the offers that came through on my project request on MyPaperHelp. Within seconds, my phone was pinging like crazy as the email notifications kept coming through. 

I started to very quickly see a clear answer to the whole “is MyPaperHelp legit,” question.

This barrage of offers made me pretty sure that this part of the process is automated and handled by AI. There is no way that many people can review your request so quickly.

And hopefully, should you eventually settle on a bid (which I truly hope you do not do), a human will actually write your paper.

This is NOT the Killer Papers way.

We make sure that every order is seen and reviewed by one of our 100% USA college-graduate team BEFORE they send a bid. They make sure they understand the full scope of your request so they can produce top-tier quality work. If you’re wondering, “Is MyPaperHelp legit,” vs. “is Killer Papers legit,” this is one area where you can tell a clear difference. Reviews: Poor Quality Papers Penned by Foreign Writers

You might be asking yourself why I keep mentioning that Killer Papers only works with US college grads. Well, this is because most essay-writing services just don’t.

Take MyPaperHelp, for instance. They say they work with native English speakers, but that’s insanely unlikely.

I know I hammer this point a ton, but it’s really important to stress in this review that this isn’t a company that hires qualified scholars to help you. They hire the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel, foreign language-speaking outsourced workers from developing countries.

That’s no shame to those people, either! I’m simply bringing this up as that’s probably not the person you want to entrust with your success in an academic setting. I’d rather have Dan from Delaware than Rajesh from India writing my paper any day of the week.

Based on my chat with a support agent, I’m pretty sure the company is either not in Delaware (like they say they are), or they outsource their support to some dude in India. 

And if their support is outsourced, you can bet their writing is also. Another nail in the coffin for the whole “Is MyPaperHelp legit?” thing.

Seriously, if you’re wondering, “is My PAper Help legit,” these are the types of questions you have to ask! 

My suspicions were somewhat confirmed when I reverse-image searched one of their “expert’s” profile pics. 

What do you know? Her profile was listed on another site with the same picture and name. 

Here she is on MyPaperHelp. And here she is on Studyfy.

Incidentally, while researching this MyPaperHelp review, I noticed the two services Joddy K. was listed as a writer for are owned by the same company. 

Suspicious? You bet!

There’s also something slightly off about their website’s content. It’s not necessarily filled with grammar and spelling mistakes, but how they word things is not how a native English speaker would. 

The sudden shift from personal pronouns to none is weird.

This made me worry about the quality of the paper I was asking for help on. Would it also be slightly off? If it was, there was no way it would pass as something I’d completed myself. 

That’s another reason why Killer Papers is the better option.

As our whole team is from North America, we sound like North Americans. 

And we can relate to your experiences in life and college. If you want to see some of us in action, there are videos of our whole team writing live on their profiles. Reviews: Site Usability

No MyPaperHelp review would be complete without mentioning how usable their site is. 

Short answer: it’s not.

Another nail in the coffin for the whole “is MyPaperHelp legit,” thing.

Finding answers to your questions is, to put it lightly, a joke.

They literally only have four FAQs hidden almost at the bottom of their home page. Finding their writer profiles involves scrolling down to find them and then scrolling even further through the list. 

And - the profiles are bare basics. You can’t click on them to read more about each “expert.” 

It’s kinda sad, really. They’re not even trying to look that legit.

There’s also the previously mentioned issue of not being able to access any information without creating a profile. Their “About Us” page is also useless. It more or less just repeats the same information as all the other pages.

It’s just so badly put together. 

Killer Papers, on the other hand, has a site designed to help you find the answers to any question you have.

Our FAQs are comprehensive. You can read more about all the tutors on their respective pages. And you can reach our admin (or maybe even the owner himself!) via live chat or on Instagram.

Yes, our owner actually answers questions from prospective customers just like you.

That’s how dedicated we are to this.

MyPaperHelp Review: Social Media & Reviews

MyPaperHelp’s social media profiles do exist, but they’re extremely limited. This is a clear case in which the answer to “Is MyPaperHelp legit?” is practically screaming out.

The saddest part is that they like their own posts. Who does that?

There’s no authentic engagement to be seen.

Seriously, I thought I’d be able to find one positive thing to write about in this MyPaperHelp review. I really felt their social media would be that one thing. But, I was disappointed. 

On the other hand, Killer Papers has a fantastic social media presence, and the owner, KP, works super hard to make sure the engagement is genuine. He’s also available via Instagram DMs 24/7 (seriously, the guy doesn’t sleep!)

And our reviews don’t lie. We’ve got tons of positive reviews on our Instagram and on SiteJabber.

MyPaperHelp, not so much.

When I spoke to the chat support agent, “Zoe,” she bragged about the “good reviews on SiteJabber.” So, I went to look. 

There were 5!

Not 5 positive reviews only. No, 5 total. That’s it. I nearly died laughing. 

Killer Papers, on the other hand, has reviews going back to 2017 on both the website and the IG page.

Go read them and see for yourself. I dare you.

MyPaperHelp Pricing

Pricing is the last thing I must discuss in this review.

Sure, their prices are lower than ours at Killer Papers, but that might not be a good thing. 

Yeah, $14 a page is way lower than the average, but no American can make a living wage off what they’d be paid out after the company takes its share.

If all you want is a cheap paper, knock yourself out. 

But that’s pretty much all you’re going to get. It won’t be good, and you might not be able to use ANY of it. 

While Killer Papers starts their pricing for a double-spaced page at $26, you know you’ll be getting quality work. You can also chat with our tutors and ask all the questions you want before paying. Best of all, if you’re a bit tight on cash, we often post discount codes on Instagram and offer payment plans through PayPal!

More importantly, all the tutors you will work with are 100% guaranteed to be American and Canadian college grads with a passion for writing. Reviews: Final Thoughts & Conclusion

MyPaperHelp might be cheap, but that’s where any positive sentiment ends.

Their writers use fake profiles and are most likely not native English speakers. The quality they output is insanely low. Their reviews and social media are non-existent.

At the end of the day, I can NOT recommend that you work with them: that’s the final outcome of this review.

If you’re wondering, “is MyPaperHelp legit,” then the answer is clear: NO!

It’s essential that you read an honest reviews before you hand over your hard-earned cash, and I hope that mine has helped you make an informed choice. 

If you want a solid service with 100% Native-English speaking college graduate writers, go ahead and submit a project request on Killer Papers. One of my colleagues or I will get back to you immediately with a pricing offer, and you can talk to us directly about your project. You’ll be in good hands and getting the help you truly deserve.

Well, guys, that’s all from me. Like I said, my name is Tom, and I’m here 24/7 to help you with your essays, PowerPoints, or any other academic work you’re assigned this year.

I hope to work with you soon!


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