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Paper24 Review (2024): Is Paper24 Legit?

Killer Papers vs. Paper24

Paper24 is another Eastern European junk site with false claims about their tutor credentials, constant plagiarism complaints, and very limited payment options.

‍Worst of all, Paper24 barely has ANY social media whatsoever, and that's probably because they'd be getting endlessly roasted by all the people they screw over each year.

Trust me when I say: you can do better.

If you want to work with a trustworthy service, try us out over here at Killer Papers. Our team is made up of reliable, native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about your success! 
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Paper24 Review (2024): Is Paper 24 Legit?

January 23rd, 2024

When it comes time to crank out a project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You might not have time for all the writing your professors want you to do, and you’re probably stressing the heck out. You’ll probably think to yourself, “I need help,” and there seem to be SO many help sites floating around these days. So, how do you know which ones are legit and which are scams? Well, this Paper24 review is me doing my little bit to help you make the best decision. If you're wondering, "Is Paper24 legit," then you're in luck.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom, and I am a writing tutor and editor working here at Killer Papers.

Not all academic-help sites are created equal, so I am writing this Paper24 review to tell you the truth. Many of these sites make unverified claims about their origins, staff, and work quality. They even publish fake reviews on sites like SiteJabber! Making sense of it all can be daunting, I know, so let’s launch into this Paper24 review to see what they are all about.

TL/DR: Paper24 is NOT legit at all. Their website is flagged as unsafe by antivirus programs, their pricing practices are hugely deceptive, and they use non-native English-speaking tutors to crank out low-quality projects. To work with 100% US/Canadian college-educated tutors and editors, click HERE to submit a project request on Killer Papers! 

Getting Help: Paper24 Review

McAfee flagging Paper24 as unsafe.

Let’s talk about the purchasing process over at Paper24.

Paper24 won’t let you connect with any of their tutors to discuss your project before you checkout. 

Trust me, I tried. 

I got stonewalled by a bot named “Lisa” (lol), who assured me that I could talk to some of their experts as soon as I had submitted my project.

How can I make an informed decision with almost ZERO information available before purchase?

Paper24 does not let you chat with writers before purchase.

Over here at Killer Papers, things work a LOT differently. 

One of our team of US/Canadian college-graduate tutors will personally review your request before bidding. You always deserve the best customer service, and you always get to speak to a couple of our tutors before committing.

Whenever you have a question, you are assured of an actual US college graduate attending to you and handling any queries. 

This brings me to my next point: The legitimacy of those working for Paper24.

Foreign Writing Tutors - The Most Telling Part of this Paper24 Review

Paper24 is based in Estonia.

It stands to reason that if the company is based there, they will likely recruit in Estonia, too.

Either that, or they outsource to countries like Kenya or Ukraine, where workers often get paid an absolute pittance to churn out papers. 

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever been to Estonia? Neither have I.  

Side note: This isn't to bash people living in other countries. But, if you've ever been on the phone with a support person from India, you know that someone with English as their second language isn't always going to understand you very well.

Plus, there's other clues on their website that clue you into the fact that this isn't a service to trust.

I read a few of the sample papers on the site, and they were all terrible, full of long, vague, convoluted sentences that ended up saying nothing.

They're also filled with errors in grammar, syntax, and spelling. There was no discernible format, thesis statement, or conclusion in pretty much ANY of them.

Honestly, guys, this is basic stuff you would expect a college-graduate tutor to know.

That is, if they were native English speakers (which I don’t believe for a second!) 

If you're wondering, "Is Paper24 legit," this alone should answer your question!

A poor review from Paper24.

Unfortunately, this poor guy got what was coming to him by using Paper24. 

As such, this Paper24 review is written to protect you from being scammed by such alleged “experts.”

On the other hand, Killer Papers guarantees that a US college-graduate tutor will handle your project. We've all lived the US-college lifestyle, understand the culture because they share it with you, and know what US professors want. 

For all you know, we might have even gone to your school...or sat next to you in English Lit! 

Social Media - This Paper24 Review Tells All! 

The next step for me in the research to write this Paper24 review was to check out their social media presence. 

The issue is: it is almost non-existent. 

While they have an Instagram page, they have hardly any posts and a pitiful number of followers.

It’s also weird how their “experts” profiles don’t contain any real names or photos. 

All they have are these random avatars (that are kind of scary, tbh). 

Paper24's avatars on screen.

That doesn’t inspire much confidence in answering the burning question of "Is Paper24 Legit?"

Comparing that to Killer Papers’ social media presence is almost criminally cringe-worthy. 

KP has reviews on IG going back to 2017; we have thousands of posts and over 130 thousand followers. 

Killer Papers' sizable Instagram following.

What’s more, you can DM us day or night, and a real person will respond and answer any questions you have.

At Killer Papers, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality customer service and keeping our customers 100% happy with the service and help they receive. This is evident by way of the thousands of reviews our customers have gladly left us over the years.

The quality of our work stands alone, as well as the fact that you know you are constantly being helped by a native English-speaking, US/Canadian college-educated tutor. 


Paper24 Review: My Conclusion

So, what’s the takeaway here? 

You get what you pay for. 

Paper24 may seem quite inexpensive, but as you can see here, you WILL get an inferior-quality project that will land you straight in the doghouse if you try to use it, all at a price that’s really not that low to begin with. 

If the samples Paper24 is willing to put on their site are so bad, what do the papers they help produce look like? And the fact they want you to believe all these “experts” have five-star ratings and 100% success rates is just insulting. 

The main message of this Paper24 review is this: Trust me, you can do better. 

Stop asking yourself, "Is Paper24 Legit?" The answer is NO.

If you find yourself in a pickle and need some help with your projects, go ahead and submit your first project request on Killer Papers.

Straight from the jump, you can chat with one of our native English-speaking tutors (like me) and rest easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made the right decision. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. And who knows, maybe you and I will work together one day, too!

Alright, guys, that’s it from me.

Like I said, my name is Tom, and I’d be happy to help you with any academic work you want me to take off your hands.

I hope to work with you soon!


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My Paper24 Review: A Quick Video Breakdown

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