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  • 150,000 followers on social media
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  • PayPal, Venmo & other payment methods
  • 100% American experts with college degrees
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January 23rd, 2024

Nerdify Review (2024): Is Nerdify Legit

Hey, my name is Tom, and I am a writing tutor and editor at Killer Papers. Killer Papers is one of the most established and trusted academic-help services in the world. Recently, there has been a huge spike in essay-help sites popping up, and our long-time customers have asked us about them. One of these sites is Nerdify, a platform offering additional services besides essay help. This Nerdify review is my way of helping you to answer the question, “Is Nerdify legit?”

TL/DR: If you're wondering, "Is Nerdify legit?" the short answer is: NO. Yes, they are an actual company offering essay help, but trust me, you can do so much better. They claim their tutors graduated from top-tier universities, but the reality is they’re a third-world, low-quality essay mill that produces crap work. Instead, I suggest you give us a whirl over here at Killer Papers so you can work with the best in the business.

Nerdify Review: Their Website

Nerify Review: their homepage.

Nerdify’s website is pretty good if I’m to be completely honest.

They have a catchy logo, and while they don’t have much in terms of text, what is there is reasonably well-written and edited. Their web page has very few grammar and spelling errors, which is a good sign up front.

BUT - one thing that bothered me was their claim to have “thousands” of tutors to assist students.

Really? Thousands?

That seems highly unlikely. Only a few tutors’ profiles appear on the site. 

Another perplexing point is their claim that tutors can earn up to $20/hour when working for Nerdify.

This is difficult to believe as they also claim that rates are $25/hour elsewhere on their site and that the company takes 11% of the writer's earnings.

None of this seems legit or believable at all. Alas, this Nerdify review is starting to take a hard turn…

Why would they lie about this?

AND - if they do, what else are they lying to you about?

Nerdify: who works for them?

Well, let me answer that: they’re 100% lying about their “Nerds’” education. 

Nerdify asserts that they employ tutors who graduated from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Cambridge.

Wow! Amazing! Are students from the top universities in the US really working for a handful of dollars per hour, helping other students with their essays? 

Guys, this is not possible. Trust me. Nobody who graduated from a top university is going to spend their life writing essays at the rate they're paying out.

Ahh, another nail in the coffin for the whole “Is Nerdify legit?” thing.

On the other hand - Here at Killer Papers, we constantly add content, blog posts, and new information to our website, as we believe in innovation and making our site as user-friendly as possible.

Moreover, you can chat with four different tutors about your project before committing to one and paying. 

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this Nerdify review, it’s the key differences between a site like Killer Papers, and a junk essay mill like Nerdify.

Some questionable text polishing off this Nerdify review.

At Nerdify, they use AI to match you to one of their tutors.

Right from the start, your needs are assessed by an algorithm instead of an actual human being. It’s actually impossible to speak to a real tutor before you have shelled out money, which I find quite alarming, to say the least.

How can they possibly ensure that they can meet all your needs without discussing the project with you first?

At Killer Papers, you get personalized attention from one of our US college-graduated tutors, who review your project to ensure your specific requirements are met. 

Is Nerdify Legit: No Social Media Engagement Whatsoever

We live in a digital age, where everyone and everything is online.

Social media is a hugely valuable tool for engaging with your friends and looking up businesses you are curious about.

From the business side, it is the number one way to engage with your audience and build a track record, and honestly, just keep in touch with everyone who wants to buy from you.

This is why it is weird to come across companies whose main clientele is young people but don’t have any social media engagement.

While Nerdify is on Instagram and Facebook, they have virtually NO engagement on any of their posts. This is a huge red flag and, realistically, a signpost that they’re not a legitimate service. 

They have 1000+ followers (apparently), but we all know how easy it is to buy those.

Compare this to Killer Papers, which has 130,000 followers on Instagram, thousands of posts, and active engagement with our audience. You can even DM the company owner, who will personally respond more often than not. He realizes that with all the new essay-help sites popping up, choosing one can be confusing and daunting.

This is why he is frequently available to talk you through any aspect of the process. 

What Do Review Sites Have To Say: Nerdify Review

Oh boy, now it’s time to crack open another can of worms.

Nerdify claims to have substantially high review rates on well-known sites like SiteJabber.

They say they have an average rating of 4.7/5.

However, a closer look at SiteJabber reveals the following reviews:

Personally, I would not have linked my site to a review site with such awful reviews about my company.

For example, the above review highlights that they flagged for 100% AI on a project that was sent to a student? 

We all know by now that universities have access to reliable AI-scanners like TurnItIn, and that professors scan every assignment before it is marked.

How you can run an essay-help business and not scan for AI before anything is seen by a client is really and truly beyond me. 

Nerdify Review: Wrapping It All Up

Look, guys, the whole point of this Nerdify review was to answer the question, “Is Nerdify legit?” 

I think you’d agree that, considering everything you have discovered about them in this review, the answer is no!

While they are undoubtedly a real company, they are NOT a good choice when it comes to help with your important coursework. Can you really afford to take a chance on a company that submits 100% AI-generated essays to students and then stiffs you on the refund process? 

At Killer Papers, we believe it is our job to make your study life less stressful, not more!

That is why you are guaranteed to work with only US or Canadian college graduates, who will personally assess your project requirements before you commit and pay. You are welcome to chat with a bunch of them before you choose one, and they will happily answer any questions you have. 

To get started, head on over to Killer Papers to chat with one of our tutors about your next project.

We can guarantee you personal attention, the very best research and writing, and free proofreading thrown into the mix. We also do not charge extra for revisions like other essay-help sites. 

I trust this Nerdify review has cleared up the whole“Is Nerdify legit?” question for you.

Go check out Killer Papers instead, and feel free to request to work with me (Tom). I've been doing this for over five years, and have seen it all when it comes to helping with academic writing.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

See you soon!


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My Review of Nerdify: A Quick Video Breakdown

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