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January 23rd, 2024

My Essay Writer Review: Is My Essay Writer Legit?

Are you in need of a little help with your assignments? Are you swamped with assignments due and wondering which essay-help service to use? There are tons of essay-help services popping up online these days, and a significant number of them are absolute crap. How do you decide which ones are legit and which to avoid? Well, my name is Tom, and I am a writing tutor and editor at Killer Papers, the best essay help service in the world. In today’s My Essay Writer review, we’re going to help you determine an answer to the question, “Is My Essay Writer legit?”

TL/DR: My Essay Writer sucks! They claim they use American tutors to help you with your essay, even though they’re clearly a foreign-run chop shop staffed by Ukrainian and Kenyan writers. Their website is very dated looking, and full of spelling errors. They are not trustworthy whatsoever.

If you want to work with a legit essay writing service, head over to Killer Papers instead and work with the best in the business. 

My Essay Writer Review: Their Website

My Essay Writer’s website looks a bit rough, I have to say. 

Right on the landing page, they clearly lack a well-edited main image and have numerous mistakes in their text. 

These are the kind of mistakes that people who are not native English speakers make. 

My Essay Writer: a weird homepage.

However, My Essay Writer claims in various places on its site that all its writers are American. 

If this is the case, why does everything on the site read so awkwardly? 

It seriously made me wonder, “Is My Essay Writer legit?”

Now, let’s compare this to Killer Papers’ site layout and design. 

It looks like it was done by a professional, not a high school student figuring out Photoshop. We take great pride in keeping our content fresh and dynamic as we understand the importance of constant innovation.  

The Killer Papers home page.

What’s more, we realize that first impressions matter and that the image on our site is crucial and reflects the quality of work our clients can expect from us. 

Is My Essay Writer Legit: Social Media

Is My Essay Writer Legit: almost NO social media!

We all know how important social media has become over the last few years. 

No respectable company, especially one targeting young people, can afford not to engage their audience on social. 

My Essay Writer has a small TikTok following, where they have a few followers and basically feature girls with too much Botox and fillers in their videos. 

Simply put, there is no proof that they can help you. Compare that to Killer Papers, which boasts thousands of reviews going as far back as 2017.

They also have a few followers on Instagram, but their posts have little to no engagement. This is likely because they’re not a legit company and don’t care to make a real imprint on social media.

If you want further proof, just check out this little gem from their site…

A terrible advert from My Essay Writer.

Seriously, I don’t know what to say about this little mess listed above. 

It’s a total joke and clearly not written (or proofread!) by a native English speaker. 

It looks like it came straight out of India.

My Essay Writer Review: Ordering Process

My Essay Writer's order form.

So, in my research to write this My Essay Writing review, I had to try and place an order on the site. 

Now, this whole thing was a bit of a laugh! 

First off, all you get to talk to is a chatbot. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if they could answer all your questions, but simply asking them what happens if I don’t think my assigned writer is a good match for my project had it wholly stumped. 

Just see this ridiculous little excerpt below…

A foreign chat representative on My Paper Help.

Basically, anything would have been better than just leaving me hanging! I waited a whole hour for a response here, and one never came.

At Killer Papers, we prefer the human touch. 

One of our US/Canadian college graduates receives and assesses every project request. 

They bid on your project only once they are sure we can meet all your requirements. 

Also, at every step of the process, you get to talk to one of our tutors in person before you commit to a writer or accept a bid. 

This is just one of the ways we strive to show you our commitment to excellent customer care and going the extra mile. 

With a starting price of $22/page, My Essay Writer is not trying to out-price the competition. 

Prices increase, of course, with a closer deadline, a longer paper, and if you want the services of a "top-tier writer." 

Side note: There are no "top tier writers" on My Essay Writer. I can promise you that!

Fake profiles on My Essay Writer.

And, this will be hard to choose as they ALL have 99% or 100% success rates. Really? 

That is interesting. I also don’t believe for a second that the names and pictures placed on the site belong to the actual writers. 

Do you really think that “Steven Miller” or “Anna Ward” are who they say they are here?

These kind of cheap tricks (and the even cheaper web design!) make me wonder what else they are trying to hide from us.

A negative review for My Essay Writer.
A negative review for My Essay Writer.

Any time you see a review like this, you should immediately be suspect to some degree.

And any suspicion of My Essay Writer is totally valud, because they're a bottom-barrel service that does terrible work.

My Essay Writer Review: Wrapping It Up

So, the point of this My Essay Writer review was to answer the all-important question, “Is My Essay Writer legit?” 

Well, the answer is a clear and resounding NO. 

I don’t mean they aren’t a real company. I’m sure they are. But personally, I’d have to say you can do much better. 

There’s just too much about them that doesn’t seem quite right. 

They have cheap web design and claim to only work with American writers (which is obviously not true). At the same time, their website text is obviously written by a non-native English speaker. 

Do yourself a favor and hit us up here at Killer Papers next time you have an assignment due. Put in a project request, chat with a few of our US college-graduate tutors about your project, and see the difference quality customer care and actual native English speakers make to the whole process. 

You can even ask for me, Tom, directly when you put in a project request. 

I’ll be stoked to work with you!


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My Essay Writer Review: Quick Video Breakdown

My Essay Writer has a good-looking website, but unfortunately, the good qualities of this service end there.
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