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Jenni AI Review (2024): Is Jenni.AI Legit?

Killer Papers vs. Jenni AI

Jenni AI sucks!

It is completely useless. It is just another ChatGPT rip-off that tries to sell you on a fake promise that it can write for you.

Sadly, all AI-generated text can 100% be detected by tools that almost every professor in the world has access to. If you use it, you WILL get caught and will likely be kicked out of your university! 

If you want to work with a legit AI-free essay help services, check out Killer Papers. Our team employs only the best American/Canadian college graduates, is free of ANY form of AI or plagiarism, and has the best reputation in the whole business!
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January 23rd, 2024

Jenni AI Review (2024): Is Jenni.AI Legit?

Hey there, my name is Tom, and I am an essay writer and tutor at Killer Papers, the best essay help service in the world. We’re a Canadian essay-writing and tutoring service with 100% North American college-graduate writers. Recently, the big boss of our operation (KP) asked me to put together a Jenni.ai review, as some of our users asked about it after seeing an ad on Google. If you're wondering, "Is Jenni AI" legit, then you've come to the right place.

TL/DR: Jenni AI should NOT be used to write a college essay - or for ANY type of submission ready assignment. All the text that it outputs can 100% be detected by services like TurnItIn. If you attempt to use Jenni.ai, you will get caught and will likely fail your entire course. For human, AI-free essay help, hit us up over at Killer Papers.

Using Jenni AI - Kicking Off My Jenni.ai Review

So, typically how this works is that when you decide to buy an essay online, you typically create an account on the essay writing website of your choice, and then you use a calculator to get a price. Sometimes, you’ll get bids from writers.

With Jenni.ai, it’s a little different. You can see below that, depending on your budget, you get a free package or one that is $20 per month to use their AI services.

Depending on your budget, you choose a package with Jenni.ai that grants you access to their AI services for essay writing.

Jenni.ai - Usability?

The Jenni AI site is very basic. What you see is what you get, pretty much. You can use their free service, but Jenni.ai charges $20 per month for unlimited AI access. Now, if you have even a short paper, it’s likely more than 200 words, which is all you get per day with the free plan. So, if you have a 500+ word essay, it’s probably best to get the $20 unlimited AI access. However, you need to ask yourself the most basic question…

AI is easily detected by every software program utilized in schools today, so how are you benefitting by using Jenni AI’s services?

On the other hand, Killer Papers understands the need for continuous investment and website adaptation, offering a user-friendly platform where you can talk to 4+ writers BEFORE paying.

Our expansive social media following, especially on Instagram, proves our commitment to stay connected and verify our quality claims.

The memes are pretty good, too!

Students can DM the owner, KP, directly on Instagram with questions about any aspect of the ordering process.

We know the essay writing niche can be scary, especially if you’re a first-timer.

And because of this, KP is available nearly 24/7 to answer your DMs (I don’t know if he has much of a life outside of working on Killer Papers).

ChatGPT also gives free AI access, so why be limited with 200 words a day at Jenni.ai, or worse, pay $20 a month for the same thing ChatGPT gives away free?

The bottom line is that you’re going to get caught if you use AI to write your paper. It doesn’t matter if you use Jenni.ai, Google, or ChatGPT. Unfortunately, there’s no way around getting called out on it.

Not to be super brief here, but what else is there to say? Use AI to write your paper, and you’re going to get caught. Period. Therefore, even $20 a month is just a total rip off.

Jenni.ai Customer Support & Social Media

Jenni.ai has an Instagram with over 54k followers. That sounds really good, right?

Well, not so fast. They have very weird, creepy content and practically NO engagement.

Jenni AI has some followers on IG, but they average 1 like per post, so that’s extremely low engagement.

In other words, their social media is pretty much guarenteed to be totally fake!

On the other hand, KillerPapers.org stands out in its consistent social media presence.

This promotes a strong community vibe and provides prompt support, primarily since students can directly message the owner, KP, on Instagram.

We’ve got 6+ years of reviews going back to early 2017 - just look up Killer Papers on Instagram, and you’ll see for yourself.

It’s not clear who the owner of Jenni AI is, but they’ve gone to great lengths to stay anonymous.

Of course (surprise, surprise), they aren’t available to chat directly like with KP.

At Killer Papers, we start our papers around $26/page, which increases depending on timeframe and difficulty. To help with the higher prices, we offer discount codes and payment plans via PayPal!

Most importantly, we work with 100% USA and Canadian college graduate writers. You can even watch them write projects on camera on the company's YouTube channel and website.

For instance, you can see me work on multiple papers on-camera on my profile page! We go to great lengths to prove our writers are who they say they are.

And of course, you’ll find no foreign writers here.

Jenni AI Review: My Final Thoughts

Honestly, there’s nothing good I can say about utilizing a service like Jenni.ai to have AI write your paper. Come on, it’s your academic career on the line! First, there are free AI tools easily available to use as just that: tools. But, you still have to write your own work, or at least have a human writer tackle it for you. A real person has to write the paper if you want to pass. Period.

That's really where Jenni AI falls short.

Jenni AI Review - I DON’T Suggest Them!

I cannot in good conscience recommend any AI service to write your paper. You WILL get caught. If you’re looking for a solid offering with 100% Native-English speaking college-graduate writers, consider KillerPapers.org.

KP’s DM’s on IG are open 24/7, and we’re happy to help with any project you send us. Maybe we’ll even work together at some point in the future! And I promise, working with us is a far better idea than using some sketchy service like Jenni AI.

Good luck out there, and get in touch with us if you ever need an essay, PowerPoint, or other project completed.

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My Review of Jenni AI: A Quick Video Breakdown

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