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GeeklyHub Reviews (2024): Is GeeklyHub Legit?

Killer Papers vs. GeeklyHub

GeeklyHub sucks! They send out poorly written, overpriced projects full of grammar and syntax errors.

GeeklyHub employs deceptive pricing strategies by charging extra for native English speakers, while Killer Papers offers transparent and fair pricing. They're also revealed to use fake profiles with phony credentials, in contrast to Killer Papers' team of genuine North American college graduates.

If you use GeeklyHub: Your grades are at risk!

If you want to work with a trustworthy service, check out Killer Papers. Our team is made up of reliable, native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about your success.
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January 23rd, 2024

GeeklyHub Reviews (2024): Is GeeklyHub Legit?

Hey there, I’m Tom, an editor and tutor here at Killer Papers. We’re a 100% USA and Canada-based academic help service. Recently, the owner of the company, KP, asked me to write a GeeklyHub reviews as some customers were comparing our prices to theirs. They kept asking us, “Is GeeklyHub legit?”

I knew the answer to this question would be easy because I’d heard so many complaints about them over the years, but I decided to give them a full review anyway.

TL/DR: GeeklyHub is NOT legit at all! Their employees do not have a native-level grasp of English, and the projects they produce are crazy expensive and very badly written. If you want to work with a legit academic help service, head on over to Killer Papers and submit a project request.

🎁 Bonus Tip: Use the discount code KPFOREVER for 10% off your next project! Consider it my little gift to you for reading this review that I worked so hard on. Just type it in at checkout, and we're all set to start your success story. Let's make it happen!

GeeklyHub Reviews: Investigating Their Website

The first place to start a GeeklyHub reviews is their website. It’s pretty and well-designed, but that’s pretty much all it’s got going for it.

BUT - you can tell that GeeklyHub is a foreign company straight from the jump.

The language on the site is definitely not native-speaker-level English. Don’t believe me?

Just look at the descriptions for some of the top-rated “Geeks”:

A few strange looking tutor profiles from GeeklyHub.

This is (speaking bluntly) just not it... 

The whole site uses very, very weird language. Go have a look at their “About Us” page if you don’t believe me. 

These little things tell me that GeeklyHub is NOT based in San Fransisco, as they claim, and that their "experts" aren’t native English speakers.

To me, this means that the answer to the question “Is GeeklyHub legit?” is probably a no.

GeeklyHub Review: Pricing

The next step in my GeeklyHub reviews was the onboarding process. So, I clicked on the “Add your task” button. I’m not sure why they’re trying to hide that, but whatever.

Their purchase form is also super, super weird. You pay by the hour, which is a total ripoff.

To figure out how much a project will cost you, you have to work out how many hours it will take for a project to be completed. That’s a bit awkward.

How do you know how long someone will take to work on your project? 

GeeklyHub Review: Unclear pricing strategies.

Everyone’s writing speed varies dramatically. I know I can write a full page of properly formatted content in around 20 minutes.

Making you estimate how long it will take is probably just another way to squeeze more money out of you.

You also pay extra for a “Top Geek” to work on your project. And if you want them to prioritize your project, you’ll also pay more.

This works out to over $40/page, which is what I charge during finals week. 

GeeklyHub: upselling you on your order.

That’s not cheap, especially for a foreign-run company like GeeklyHub.

A 3-page project was quoted at $120. Based on their site content, the quality of their work is not going to be great, so you’re going to be $120 out of pocket for something you won't be able to use.

Is GeeklyHub Legit: Reviewing Their Staff

I tried to gather info about the writing quality for this GeeklyHub reviews, but my usual avenues came up empty.

So I forked out the cash and paid $120 for a 3-page project on Romeo & Juliet.

Yes, I threw down $120 of my own cash here.

Don’t ever say I don’t care about y’all because I really wanted to know if they produce anything that’s even marginally good.

What I got back was absolutely terrible.

At this point, I pretty much knew which way this GeeklyHub reviews was gonna go.

Here’s a paragraph of what I paid for:

Sample essay from GeeklyHub.

I’m sorry, but did a 14-year-old write this?

I paid over 100 bucks for my project to include the phrase “big enemies.” 

And - where is my thesis statement?

I designed the instructions for this project, and I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be about.

Further, the language makes it clear that a foreign "expert" penned this shameful little mess we have on our hands here.

How is “In the story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare, it shows the strong love…” a good sentence?

Well...not sure why I'm shocked here, but, I'm not.

I showed this to a friend of mine who edits academic work for a living, and she almost cried!   

This is the key reason you shouldn’t use sites like this: they basically just output junk that you can’t turn in or even use as a reference for penning your own piece.

Alas, if you’re wondering, “is GeeklyHub legit,” you’ve basically got all the information you need right here.

GeeklyHub Reviews: Support and Socials

GeeklyHub has no live support that I could see on their homepage. They also do not list any contact info (except for an email address), and they have no phone number. 

There is absolutely no point of contact you can use before you fork over your cash.

This is not how Killer Papers does things. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of what we consider important as a company.

At Killer Papers, KP is available 24/7 via Instagram DM. You can also reach our support team through the live chat on the site, and there is a phone number you can call. If you ask “is GeeklyHub legit,” based on this, the answer is no.

Hiring someone to handle a chat line or answer a phone is pretty inexpensive, and if a company cares about its customers, they would.

But GeeklyHub doesn’t.

At least their social media is looked after, right?


There is hardly any authentic engagement on their social media.

By contrast, Killer Papers’ viral social media presence has created a solid community of like-minded college students. We also have over 6 years of reviews on our Instagram page from students just like you. We’ve even worked with influencers like SteveWillDoIt!

Speaking of reviews, I also went to Trustpilot and SiteJabber to get an idea of the answer to “Is GeeklyHub legit?” Even their positive reviews are mixed.

A fake review from GeeklyHub.

This weirdly mixed review on Trustpilot stands out. 

There is nothing inspiring about reading “There is a risk you get someone not good.”

Like dude, what the hell is that? They charge premium prices and should offer a premium service in exchange.

Here at Killer Papers, you get "someone good" every single time.

Best of all, you know you’re getting a tutor who gets you. If you want to learn more about our writers, you can check out our profiles on the website, and even watch me crank out a paper live on camera!

GeeklyHub Reviews - Final Thoughts: Is GeeklyHub Legit?

If you are still wondering, “Is GeeklyHub Legit?” let me respond with a resounding NO.

You somehow pay a small fortune and get absolute crap back in exchange.

If you need help with your projects, I personally invite you to try us out over here at Killer Papers. Our team of 100% US and Canadian college graduates will help you create outstanding, well-written, and thoroughly researched projects on any subject. 

Well, guys, that’s it from me. As I said, my name is Tom, and I’d be happy to help you with anything they assign you this academic year.

I hope to see one of your assignments on my desk here soon!


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My GeeklyHub Review: A Quick Video Breakdown

Check out my honest take on GeeklyHub, a company with foreign employees and limited social media.
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