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My EduGenie Review: Killer Papers vs. EduGenie

Killer Papers vs. EduGenie

EduGenie sucks!

They send out poorly written, overpriced papers full of grammar and syntax errors.

EduGenie employs deceptive pricing strategies by charging extra for native English speakers, while Killer Papers offers transparent and fair pricing.

They're also revealed to use fake profiles with phony credentials, in contrast to Killer Papers' team of genuine North American college graduates.

If you use EduGenie: Your grades are at risk!

If you want to work with a trustworthy service, check out Killer Papers. Our team is made up of reliable, native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about your success.

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January 23rd, 2024

My EduGenie Review: Killer Papers vs. EduGenie

Hey, I’m Tom, a tutor and editor at Killer Papers, the best essay-writing and tutoring service on the planet. Recently, KP (the owner and big boss) asked me to write an EduGenie review after he’d received a few DMs on Instagram saying that they were cheaper than our service. 

In the interest of giving you a comprehensive EduGenie review, I decided to head over to their site and start digging around. What I found was almost exactly what I expected. While they claim to have some of the best writers, my research dug up the truth. If you use EduGenie for your essay-writing needs, you’ll get a paper full of odd phrases, bad grammar, and weird sentences: all clear signs of a non-Native speaker doing the writing.

TL/DR: Do NOT use EduGenie! If you want a well-written, well-researched, and articulate paper, go ahead and submit a project request here on Killer Papers. Our team is made up of 100% North American college graduates who are passionate about writing, our services are 100% free of ANY form of plagiarism or AI, and we genuinely care about your results!

EduGenie Review: Ordering Process and Pricing

To kick off my EduGenie review, I went to the website to place an order, just to see what you’d have to deal with. All in all, ordering is relatively painless. The ordering system is simple and easy to use, and you don’t have to repeat your information on an infinite number of screens. 

But this is also where you’ll find hidden costs. 

According to the handy little ordering box on the home page, a 3-page paper with a 3-day lead time would set me back around $53 ($45 if I applied a discount code).

That doesn’t seem too bad. It works out to around $17.50 a page without the discount.

However, you soon start to notice the extra costs that will pile up. For example, if you want status updates, you’ll need to fork over an extra $2!

That seems a little excessive to me, don't you think?!

But that’s not the end of the extra costs. If you want a “top expert” (whatever that means), you need to add over $5 per page. If you want a “premium expert,” you’re looking at an extra $10.50 a page, bringing your total to $84

That’s $28 a page

So, you’re telling me that I need to pay extra to get a better writer that I can’t even speak to before I commit to paying? Yeah, you read that right.

You don’t get to chat with any of EduGenie’s writers before you have to pay. You should also NEVER have to pay extra for a native-English speaker.  

It’s also a little weird that the writers do not get to review your requirements before they make an offer. How do they know they’ll be able to meet all your needs? At Killer Papers, all orders are reviewed by the tutoring team before any of them make a bid, ensuring that you get top-tier quality from the get-go.

Lastly, on the final page of the ordering form, you’re confronted with a bafflingly long list of extras:

What gets me is that you pay over $30 for an editor to check your work. Now, I know academic editing is not cheap, but that’s not the issue.

I send all the papers I work on to my proofreader, who double-checks everything to ensure I did an amazing job - and I don’t charge you extra. 

TBH, this does not inspire confidence in the writing quality at EduGenie.

Writing Quality

EduGenie claims to employ “experts” who are native-English speakers, but the content on their website makes me doubt that. 

Just look at the weird syntax on the same page where they claim that:

You’ve got a missing article and weird phrasing in the third heading and the last sentence. This is not the only place where the writing quality looks a little off. 

EduGenie offers some sample papers that you can view. In the first one I looked at, I noticed a few issues:

The first issue is a glaringly obvious typo that Word’s spell-checker would have flagged immediately. This tells me the writer just ignored that error. My other issue is that the thesis isn’t very well-constructed. Creating a strong thesis is the foundation of an excellent paper.

If you want to see what I mean, check out my profile on Killer Papers and watch me write a paper from scratch.

One last thing that struck me as super sus during my EduGenie review was the claim they make on their home page:

Seeing this, I assume they use TurnItIn to check all their papers for originality and AI. After all, it is the most common plagiarism checker used by American colleges.

But scroll down just a little, and you’ll see this:

Yup. That’s EduGenie stating that they use Copyleaks and Copyscape to scan their papers for plagiarism.

Right next to a TurnItIn logo!

EduGenie Review & Social Media

EduGenie has no social media presence. At all. Believe me, I looked. I spent at least 2 hours looking for a single social media page so I could do this EduGenie review properly. I can’t believe it. It’s 2024, and they don’t have a single social page. It’s like they don’t want to build a relationship with their customers.

There is also no “About Us” page on the site. You literally have nowhere to go to find out more about the people you’ll be paying your hard-earned cash to work with. It’s ridiculous!

I then turned to review sites to see what other customers had to say about them. They claim they have high ratings on Reviews.io and Sitejabber, but the site doesn’t link to their review pages. I had to go searching for them.

While they do have a rating on Reviews.io, it’s not the 4.8 they claim: 

And there are no reviews on Sitejabber:

On the other hand, Killer Papers has a massive social media presence. The owner, KP, has worked hard to build a strong community vibe on Instagram. You can even reach out to him via DM or contact our support team on the website. You can also see over seven years of reviews on our page. 

Final Thoughts & Conclusion: EduGenie Review

Nothing justifies EduGenie’s costs, not the quality of their writing samples and the content on their website, and certainly not the lack of social media and the missing reviews on Sitejabber. 

I went into the EduGenie review thinking I would have at least one positive thing to say about the company. Instead, I found a company that will happily take your money and give you back something sub-standard. 

At the end of my EduGenie review, I can only say: Do not use them. The company uses non-Native speakers, there are so many hidden costs, and it just seems sketchy overall.

If you want to work with a legit service that will help you with your essays, PowerPoints, or any other projects, choose Killer Papers. And, if you like what I’ve done here, you can always ask me to work with you.


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My Review of EduGenie: A Quick Video Overview

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