BBQ Papers Review (2024): Is BBQ Papers Legit?

Killer Papers vs. BBQ Papers

BBQPapers is NOT a good service! 

At BBQPapers, you can't speak with a tutor before payment, they're employing farmed out workers from the third world to write, all the while making a dubious claim of employing only top writers.

On the other hand, Killer Papers allows direct communication with tutors before payment, has thousands of positive reviews, and employs only the best US or Canadian college graduates to work on our team.

If you use BBQPapers: Your grades are at risk!

If you want to work with a trustworthy service, check out Killer Papers. Our team is made up of reliable, native English-speaking experts who genuinely care about your success! 
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BBQPapers Review (2024): Is BBQPapers Legit?

January 23rd, 2024

Hey there, my name is Tom, and I'm a tutor and editor at Killer Papers, a Canada-based tutoring service. We’ve been helping students get through their college workload for over seven years now. Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in services like ours on the internet. When a follower reached out through our Instagram DMs to ask us why BBQPapers’ service is cheaper than ours, I thought I’d investigate because I was pretty sure they use foreign writers. If you’re wondering, “is BBQ Papers legit,” then you’re in the right place! Hopefully, after reading my BBQPapers review, you’ll see the difference between junk sites like this and my company, Killer Papers.

TL/DR: You should NOT use BBQPapers! You can’t choose your tutor; they use foreign staff as their "experts," and their writing quality is totally substandard. Nothing about their offering is even somewhat acceptable. If you want to work with a legit service, head on over to Killer Papers, pick your tutor, and get started

BBQPapers Review: Ordering Process

To start my BBQPapers review, I went to their website and started the ordering process. To my shock, I realized I couldn’t speak to a tutor until I’d paid! I only had the option to give my project details and then go straight to checkout. I didn’t get to see a bid or choose my own tutor. 

To be honest, that sucks! I was wondering, “is BBQ Papers legit,” when I first kicked this review off, and I’m already thinking no. If I can’t communicate with my tutor, how can I know they’ll be right for the job?

No good.

BBQPapers: the ordering process.

It’s so important that you have the chance to speak to the tutors on a site, ask them questions, and decide for yourself who to choose before you pay so that you can make sure you are choosing the best tutor for your project.

BBQPapers claims to have the “top 2% of writers in their fields” on their staff, but that seemed sketchy to me. 

They claim to employ people from places like the US, Australia, and Canada, but since you can’t talk to them beforehand, you can’t verify that for yourself. 

It’s clear that they’re hiding who their writers are since you can’t chat with them before you pay. 

Basically, BBQPapers chooses your writer for you

Where does BBQPapers find their writers?

In contrast, you can chat with all your potential tutors on Killer Papers before you spend a penny. Each one will review your project details before they offer you a price. Once you’ve spoken to our tutors, you can decide who to work with and accept their bid. 

Our tutors are 100% US or Canadian college graduates, and you can check out their profiles on the site to check their qualifications and topic specialties. 

We even list everyone’s names so you know if you’re speaking to Kellie, Katie, Marie, or me (Tom).

We never compromise on this because we aim to ensure our quality is the best. Another way we do this is by ensuring our social media is up-to-date, informative, and usually quite entertaining, too.

Even I like checking out our memes, and I work here…

A funny meme from Killer Papers.

BBQPapers Review: Social Media & Website

We all know a strong social media presence is key to any business, especially in 2024. This means that to make my BBQPapers review totally comprehensive, I had to see what their socials looked like.

I was honestly not surprised to find that BBQPapers has ZERO social media, not even an ancient Facebook page.

This is a massive red flag for me (and should be for you too!)

They didn’t even bother to set up an Instagram account.

When attempting to figure out “is BBQ Papers legit,” the fact that they have no social media at all really is very, very bad. Even the local frozen yogurt or taco shop has a social media presence, let alone a company to which you’re potentially entrusting your future!

How to contact BBQ Papers?

At Killer Papers, we’re very proud of our social media presence.

We’ve got huge communities on TikTok, Instagram, and even YouTube. Our YouTube page is the place to go if you want to check our tutors live-writing an essay on a range of subjects, from the wacky to the mundane.

We also list reviews on our site going back to 2017, just to make a point of being as legit as possible.

We don’t hide our online presence, we're proud of it. We’ve even been featured in Business Insider.

We put our business out there because we’re proud of our work, and proud of what we do!

Speaking of websites, my BBQPapers review had to also include a look at their website. Overall, the site is pretty simple, with a clean and modern design.

But, that simplicity is also seen in their content. 

There’s almost nothing there.

Their FAQ page has a few basic questions, and the answers are pretty vague. There’s also nothing on their website about using generative AI tools, another key issue in this BBQPapers Review.

Is BBQ Papers Legit?: AI and Plagiarism Concerns

AI tools have been problematic for students since the public release of ChatGPT in early 2023.

Most professors are extremely against students using AI to write a paper, and many are worried about being falsely accused of using AI.

This is a huge sticking point when trying to figure out “is BBQ Papers legit?”

BBQPapers doesn’t mention an AI policy on their site, which makes me wonder. Looking at BBQPapers reviews on sites like SiteJabber, I quickly found a few that had my spidey senses tingling. 

One even accused them of using an AI tool to write the paper.

BBQPapers Review: a customer complaining of poor service.

Now, this might just be a false accusation, but when you’ve got foreign writers making pennies per page, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true.

And, the response from the BBQPapers rep left me scratching my head. They didn't even answer it in standard English.

You know you’ll get a 100% plagiarism and AI-free paper at Killer Papers. Everything we write is cited correctly, and we will happily show you a plagiarism and AI report for your own peace of mind.

And, given the issues I found while researching BBQPapers for this review, I’m not surprised by their pricing.

BBQPapers Review: Pricing

BBQPapers’ prices are relatively low, starting at around $6 for 100 words, which works out to about $18 for one double-spaced page.

While this seems like a good deal, you have to wonder how the company makes a profit since the very minimum they’d be paying their writers would be about $2 for 100 words. 

I don’t know any Canadian or US writer who would work for that little, so they must be paying foreign writers in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa.

This means that their claim of only hiring the best from America, Canada, the UK, and Australia is pretty sus! 

If you’re wondering, “is BBQ Papers Legit,” this should tell you everything you need to know right here.

BBQPapers: pricing?

At Killer Papers, all our tutors are 100% US or Canadian college grads. This means that our starting cost per page is around $26.

Yeah, this is more expensive, but you can chat with us before you pay, work with the best team of tutors in the business, and be assured that our writing is top-notch. 

Is BBQ Papers Legit: Final Thoughts

After looking at every aspect of BBQPapers for this review, I have to conclude that I don’t have much positive to say about them. 

If you’re wondering, “is BBQ Papers legit?” the answer is NO!

Their complete and total lack of social media, countless poor reviews, and the fact that you can’t speak to or choose a writer yourself is pretty terrible.

I cannot recommend that anyone use BBQPapers’ services. 

Hopefully, this BBQ Papers review has given you plenty of reasons to turn to a more legit service if you need it. If you want a legit essay writing and tutoring service, try us out over here at Killer Papers.

All of our tutors are highly trained native-English speakers, PayPal protects our transactions, and our reviews show we have nothing to hide.

Well, guys, that’s it from me. I hope that this review was helpful to you and shows the differences between a legit tutoring service like Killer Papers and a low-quality, foreign essay mill like BBQPapers.

Also, don’t forget that you can work with me personally on Killer Papers by requesting me as your writer.

I hope to collaborate with you soon!


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My BBQ Papers Review: A Quick Video Breakdown

BBQPapers has a nice-looking website, but unfortunately, the positive aspects of this service end right there.
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